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Harmominix’s got talent…

3 February 2011

… and like many other talented Brits with a bit of a hype and a good dose of mixed sub-genres the national press have completely thrown themselves into the (pre-artificial) success of their new child. Less than a week to go until his self-titled album is released (on Atlas/A&M) and maybe that’s why you cannot miss all those ads in the London tube or any trendy magazine with Blake’s blurred LP cover.

Maybe because there’s still a big part of the English music scene who keep truly admiring tthose artists with a prestigious education and not necessarily with a privileged capacity; those who seem predestined to release a grandiloquent work, standard of their class & ego for the 12 months to come.

Blake has to deliver that and much more after coming 2nd in the Brit Critics Choice Award late last year (named by the BBC) and grabbing all the attention around his last EP. Some say not winning takes the pressure off him (so he doesn’t have to sell as many records as previous winners…. Mika, Adele…), but he has received just as much media coverage so far (or even more) than this year’s winner: Jessie J… and in the resource-limited music Brit panorama, a figure like him has to deliver, deliver and sound like a born star unfortunately.

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