James Alliban


12 August 2011

I personally think Apple should stop suing copycats and focus on what the do best pampering their developer community with even sexier advantages and an easier ecosystem.┬áIt’s what still sets them apart from the rest of the crappworlds from their competitors…. although not for long

James Alliban‘s newest app is one of those that still make the iPad the most powerful portable toy out there. The Brit technologist who had brought us Fracture & Construct a few months ago, has now come up with a new painting app with a realistic twist… “Composite“.

An app which allows you to remix your surroundings to create artistic compositions. Inspired by the collages of Robert Rauschenberg, this iPad 2 app gives you the opportunity to paint pictures using the live front and back facing cameras. Simply point your device towards your subject and start painting to reveal it.

$2 for what promises to become another must for digital artists…. and you can grab it on iTunes of course (maybe Android market one day…). More info on his blog post.

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