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Sarah M Harrison + Hannah Black @ Lisa Cooley, Feb 24

23 February 2016

New York’s Lisa Cooley gallery will host the launch of two recent books by Sarah M Harrison and Hannah Black on February 24.

All the Things by Harrison is published by London gallery and publisher, Arcadia Missa, and Black’s Dark Pool Party is published by Arcadia Missa and Dominica.

At the event, the two writers will perform excerpts from their books alongside readings by Jackie Wang, Derica Shields and Jasmine Gibson whose work ‘Drapetomania’ (2015) can be downloaded here.

The event promises wine in little plastic cups and a sense of wellbeing.

See the FB event page for more details and for a short description of both books.**

Sara M Harrison, All the Things (2016). Courtesy Sara M Harrison and Arcadia Missa
Sarah M Harrison, ‘All the Things’ (2016). Courtesy Sarah M Harrison and Arcadia Missa.


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Where is the body #4 @ Rye Lane Studios, Sep 21

19 September 2014

London’s Rye Lane Studios is bringing back Where is the body #4 with a reading of Jackie Wang‘s Against Innocence on September 21.

The critical reading series’s last run, Where is the body #3, also took place at the Rye Lane space with a reading of Monique Wittig’s The Straight Mind, closing off the three-day I Don’t Know Why I Like It, I Just Do, Dick Dick Dick exhibition that ran as part of GayBar@Rye Lane Studios.

On Sunday, Where is the body-creators Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings (Sonya Blade) take on Wang’s latest, Against Innocence, originally published in 2012 in Volume 1 of the materialist feminist journal, Lies. Where as some of Wang’s earlier writing, including zines like On Being Hard Femme and The Phallic Titty Manifesto, looked at queer sexuality and gender, Almost Innocence dives headfirst into race politics with her examination of the political response to the murder of Troy Davis and the role of legal system as an agent of racial violence.

See the FB event page for details. **





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