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Inflected Objects website launch, Jun 8

8 June 2015

Inflected Objects, initiated by the Istituto Svizzero and curated by Melanie Bühler and Valerio Mannucci, launches its new website today, June 8.

Bühler, who was the driving force behind the insanely popular and now formally wrapped Lunch Bytes, joins Mannucci and the Italian foundation to launch a new project called Inflected Objects, comprised of online commissions and texts, as well as a series of exhibitions, the first of which was the inaugural Inflected Objects #1: Abstraction — Rising Automated Reasoning featuring Harm van den Dorpel and Katharina Fengler, along with four other artists.

This inaugural exhibition, which wraps up on June 13, comes as the first in a series of five dedicated to the “crumbling concept of the digital” and its effects on the production of art. In the press release, the project quotes architect and writer Keller Easterling and her notion that in the modern work, the digital has “escaped the box” and blended into the deep structures of society.

See the project website for details. **


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Events + exhibitions, May 11 – 17

12 May 2015

Frieze New York is on in the week starting May 11, along with NADA NYC and the usual range of fringe events taking advantage of the visitors. Other things going on in the city at the same time include a show by Anna-Sophie Berger and Dena Yago called In A Future, Night at the Museum at MoMA PS1 including a presentation by Simon Denny and VR by Andrew Thomas Huang, there’s a group exhibition at American Medium and another one called SOAPY IV, including Max Brand and Laura Langer, among others.

In London, the Lumen Prize exhibition opens at Crypt Gallery, Holly White has a new solo show on at ANDOR gallery in Hackney and the third iteration of Viktor Timofeev‘s Proxyah video game will be online at Channel Normal.

Elsewhere, goodbye arm&sexy is closing with a party in Berlin, Cristine Brache and Agatha Wara are among the artists taking part in the Guccivuitton exhibition in Miami, there’ll be an Adam Linder performance at MoMAW in Warsaw and Neïl Beloufa has a show opening in Düsseldorf.

There’s more so see below:


Cécile B. Evans screening @ Cinémathèque Robert Lynen, May 12

Vάlid 4: Zehra Arslan @ Tenderbooks, May 12

Andreas Angelidakis @ Swiss Institute, May 12

Puppies Puppies @ Caribic Residency, May 13 – 14

Frieze New York, May 14 – 17

Inflected Objects @ Istituto Svizzero, May 14

Polyester Spring Party @ The George & Dragon, May 14

Anna-Sophie Berger + Dena Yago @ Ludlow38, May 14


Flatness: Density @ A/WA, May 14

NADA NYC, May 14 – 17

Lumen Prize @ Crypt Gallery, May 14 – 22

Mercury in Retrograde New Theatre, May 15, 16 + 17

Huw Lemmey + McKenzie Wark @ Interstate Projects, May 15

Night at the Museum @ MoMA PS1, May 15

Air Max ’97 @ Bar a Bar, May 15

Nuno Patrício @, May 15

LATE at the Library @ The British Library, May 15

goodbye arm&sexy @ Eirscale – Zenner, May 15

The Mycological Twist re-opening @ Jupiter Woods, May 16

Activating the Archive @ Hackney Archives, May 16

Trace Bodies @ ICA, May 16

Symposium on Video-Sculpture for Alt MFA International Jamboree, May 16

Musica_Dispersa_04 @ Anatum’s Abode, May 16


Adam Linder @ MoMAW, May 16 – 17

Hannah Catherine Jones @ Goldsmiths, May 11 – 15


Than Hussein Clark @ Mathew NYC, May 12 – Jun 27

Pierre Huyghe @ The Met, May 12 – Nov 1

Neïl Beloufa @ CAPRI, MAY 12 – Jun 30

Harold Ancart @ C L E A R I N G, May 12 – Jul 12

Victor Timofeev @ Channel Normal, May 12 – 28

Paradise Bought @ Triple Canopy, May 13

Room Service @ Motel, May 15

Holly White @ ANDOR, May 15

Finally Every Dimension of the Soil @ American Medium, May 15 – Jun 6

SOAPY IV @ May 15 – 17

Guccivuitton @ The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, May 15 – Sep 25

Melanie Bonajo @ Company Gallery, May 15 – Jun 21

No Drinks Outside @ Belle Air, May 16 – Jun 1

Fenêtreproject @ GROUND, May 16 – 17

Katharina Fengler @ Acapella, May 16 – 31 Jun **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Fenêtreproject @ GROUND.

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