Isa Genzken

Ecocore V: The Issue of Narcissism

28 November 2016

Ecology zine Ecocore presents its 5th issue The Issue of Narcissism available now.

Edited by Alessandro Bava and Rebecca Sharp, Issue V “exploits Narcissus as the symbol of the modern subject’, featuring contributions by Gabriele BeveridgeIsa GenzkenEthan James GreenHannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Benjamin Ahmed HusebyEmily JonesJosip NovoselLisa Radon and Frances Stark among others.

The issue explores the complexities of the ‘personality disorder’ with new perspectives on “identity, the virtual, transcendence and how our aesthetic embodiment relates to capitalism.” Looking at the ways our “psychic/social ecology meets with the environmental in haemorrhage of inner to outer”, the focus relates to the overarching aim of the zine which is rooted in “ecology’s muddled identity.”

See the Ecocore website for details.**

Ecocore Magazine Cover, 'Issue V: The Issue of Narcissim' December 2016.
Ecocore Magazine Cover, ‘Issue V: The Issue of Narcissim’ December 2016.



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Isa Genzken @ Hauser & Wirth, Mar 25 – May 16

23 March 2015

Hauser & Wirth are bringing artist Isa Genzken to London to debut her new series of paintings, titled Geldbilder and running from March 25 to May 16.

Using the language of capitalism (and its aesthetics, as with her use of actual currency in her canvases), Genzken examines the self and how it exists in society, using the aesthetics of punk, Minimalism and assemblage-like art to poke at the purse string seams of the modern human experience.

Genzken builds on a multi-decade oeuvre of sculpture, photography, found-object installation, painting, and drawing, and uses her exploration of capitalism as one of art itself. Playing with the concept of art as investment, disassociating money from its role as currency and observing it as a material object and social artefact first, Genzken lends to her canvases the raw, aggressive, and at times volatile energy of the financial markets themselves.

See the exhibition page for details. **


Image: Isa Genzken, ‘Geldbild XLII’ (2014). © Isa Genzken, courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth London.

Header image:  Isa Genzken, ‘Geldbild IX’ (2014). © Isa Genzken, courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth London.

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