Ipek Altunmaral


16 September 2011

We’re awaiting a full release & review of Sea-Lab’s Seaboard… that weird soft-touch evolution of the piano & the synth with which you should be able to “authentically simulate the sounds of other instruments”…


But until we get more details on Roland Lamb & Alex Hulme’s idea here we have a killing-time up a couple of their interns have designed for us over the past few weeks: AMIO.

Which comes to join the endless list of sound-making casual apps but this time instead of you creating music on your iPhone or iPad you’ll be helped by the visual landscape that surrounds you. Using camera capture and on-screen interaction your drawings generate sounds & music when any object or being moves and interacts with them.

The App hasn’t been released yet but one of our designer friends (Ipek Altunmaral) is currently involved in it so we’ll ask her tonite as she presents one of her other projects at the Making Believe exhibition.

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