Hard Lines

5 October 2011

Maybe Tron Legacy looks like an old classic by now but its visual effects to which Josh Nimoy contributed quite a lot are still shaking the industry with its impossible neon & flashy shapes & figures.

Maybe trying to leverage on the neon hype that invaded the world (from Tron to Android) last year the good guys at Spilt milk studios decided to bring a new twist to the traditional snake game. Funny noticing how both, Tron & Snake appeared around the same time.

Released for iOS last summer it’s now finally available on Android market too. In essence “Hard Lines” (which unfortunately isn’t free.. priced at £2.3) is a mix of snake + light-cycle battles from Tron, you’ll have to help Lionel eat glowy things and kill the rest of the lines… and while you do Lionel will make you laugh with her endless list of very bad jokes.

6 modes: Survival (as simple as it gets), Dead Line & Time attack (timed scenarios), Pinata (pure Tron mode), Gauntlet (a blood line mess survival mode) and the always essential and traditional Snake mode.  Now up to you to spend or not, we would.

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1 July 2011

Meet the latest iOS app nonesense…. aka a time killer: CamBox. Which by just watching the above the video you’ll easily get the idea of how useful (but actually fun) this can be. Remember Cassius’ “I love u so”?

This time Amaury Hazan (the one behind BillaBoop studio) brings us an app to create your own beatbox with videos of your friends… basically each crazy sound you store (from any mate, animal, or supernatural event) is stored as a piece of video into a box. Then you can play the boxes and try to come up with a catchy remix.

The easiest way to create this type of remixes because it involves visual beats!

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