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JODI @ ICA, Jan 27

25 January 2016

Artist duo Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, aka, JODI are giving a talk at London’s ICA in response to the question: Artists, what is your value? on January 27.

The talk with JODI, who pioneered the ‘’ movement in the 90s and made artworks and games with the aesthetic produced by incorrect code, comes at a time of recent reflection on early media art and artists for whom the internet provided entirely the space for their work.

Artists, what is your value? Is an ongoing programme held at the ICA which looks as a series to examine performance, presentation and self-worth. JODI’s relationship to the disruption of code and language should create an interesting light in which to understand the means of presentation.

See the ICA’s event page for details.**

JODI, image from iPhone app: ZYX (2012), courtesy JODI
JODI, image from iPhone app: ‘ZYX’ (2012). Courtesy JODI.
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Loretta Fahrenholz @ ICA, Oct 7

6 October 2014

London’s ICA is hosting a screening of Loretta Fahrenholz‘s 2013 film Ditch Plains, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker on October 7 at 6:45pm.

With Ditch Plains, Fahrenholz paints a dystopian scene in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, populated only by the flickering and jagged movements of dancers performing an acrobatic streetstyle called Flexing throughout the hollow, devastated streets.

The Berlin-based artist and filmmaker has made a career out of films that explore or reveal true socio-political conditions through fictionalized events: “nods towards our interpersonal connections of the near future”.

The screening and subsequent Q&A run as part of the Artists’ Film Club at the ICA, a programme of screenings and events concentrating on emerging artists and rarely seen works by established ones that will run until January 31, 2015.

See the ICA event page for details. **

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Lunch Bytes: The Commons @ ICA, Oct 4

3 October 2014

Lunch Bytes is hosting another ICA event this month, titled The Commons/Public Space and taking place at the London venue on October 4 from 2 to 4pm.

Like the Lunch Bytes-organised talks before it, The Commons invites a handful of artists and design groups to discuss the concept of “the commons” and how we conceive of and use public space in the modern age, including artists Stephan Dillemuth and Julia Tcharfas, designer-hacker-writer-artist Eleanor Saitta, and design and research team Metahaven.

Considering the spread of commodification and the resulting capital-driven art market – and moderated by curator Helen Kaplinsky, responsible for the recent The Posthuman Era Became a Girl event at SLG – The Commons investigates the notion of art as a common good in the age of the internet and online living and in the face of increasing privatisation.

See the ICA event page for details. **


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Whose Gaze Is It Anyway? @ ICA, Sep 2 – Oct 5

1 September 2014

Whose Gaze Is It Anyway?, an exhibition covering the history of Arab pop culture through film and printed matter, will run at the ICA from September 2 to October 5.

Created in partnership with the Arab British Centre and running as part of Safar: The Festival of Popular Arab Cinema, Whose Gaze Is It Anyway? employs everything from posters, book covers and diaries, to film and video in exploring Arab pop culture under the direction of curator Omar Kholeif.

Inspired by underground treasure trove of famous collector Abboudi Bou Jaoudeh, the ICA will be presenting rare film posters from the archives for the first time in the UK, as well as some newly commissioned works, such as the imaginary posters of Sophia Al-Maria of the Gulf art collective GCC for her unfinished rape-revenge thriller, Beretta. Joining the lineup will be Maha Maamoun and her 2009 film Domestic Tourism II and Raed Yassin‘s single-channel video work, Disco.

See the ICA exhibition page for details. **

Domestic Tourism II (Excerpt) from Maha Maamoun on Vimeo.


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24 July 2014

London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) presents its first wiki-a-thon in the form of a Feminist Film Friday Salon titled SHE MUST BE WIKI on July 25.

The Salon will be chaired by moving image artist Sarah Turner, and  feature talks with feminist and film theorists Elinor Cleghorn and Elizabeth Cowie, as well as artists and writers Sophie Mayer and Lucy Reynolds.

The Salon will be preceded with a closed workshop aimed to post entries on Wikipedia, and will be followed by a 5pm screening of Sheila McLaughlin’s 1987 film She Must Be Seeing Things.

See the ICA event page for details. **

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I Am Divine @ ICA, Jul 18

17 July 2014

The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) is hosting I Am Divine: A Night of Drag Terrorism and Divine Bingo with Meth & Ruby Wednesday at their London space on July 18.

The event celebrates the release of Jeffrey Schwarz‘s film I Am Divine, but this will be no regular film screening – instead, there will be a Divine-A-Long led by London drag queens Meth and Ruby Wednesday as the title suggests.

Following the film, there will a game of Divine Bingo and the Divine Afterparty at the ICA Cafe Bar featuring guest DJ Hello Mozart.

See the ICA event page for details. **

I AM DIVINE (2013) – Official Full Length Trailer from Jeffrey Schwarz on Vimeo.

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Artists’ Film Biennial 2014 @ ICA , Jul 3 – July 6

2 July 2014

The Artists’ Film Biennial, a 4-day celebration of art films and moving images, comes to London’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) from July 3 to July 6.

The biennial will feature a myriad of screenings, new performance commissions, talks and panel discussions exploring a wide range of perspectives, including an artist curated programme and live presentation by Hannah Sawtell, and a live video performance by Sam Smith as part of Vdrome.

Also during the event, there’ll be an Avant-Noir” selection of works that engage with Africa and the African Diaspora, including a screening of Karimah Ashadu‘s Lagos Sand Merchants, as well as a talk with Clunie Reid exploring the influence of contemporary popular culture on moving images and a  a day of programming by Ken Okiishi, including ‘My Throat, My Air’ (2013) by Loretta Fahrenholz.

See the ICA website for details. **

'My Throat, My Air' by Loretta Fahrenholz. Image courtesy artist.
‘My Throat, My Air’ by Loretta Fahrenholz. Image courtesy artist.


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