IN/SITU @ Expo Chicago, Sep 22 – 25

22 September 2016

The IN/SITU group show is on at Expo Chicago, opening September 22 and running to September 25.

Installed within the architecture and vaulted ceilings of the festival hall, the exhibition features major suspended installations, in addition to large scale work. The exhibition is curated by Diana Nawi, and includes artists Spencer FinchVictoria FuAmalie Jakobsen, Shana Lutker,  Jillian Mayer, Rodney McMillian, Julio César Morales, Bettina Pousttchi, and Carlos Rolón/Dzine.

Mayer will be showing her Slumpies series, which she spoke to aqnb about in a recent interviews in April.

See the Expo Chicago website for more details.**

Jillian Mayer, 'Slumpie' (2016). Install view. Courtesy the artist.
Jillian Mayer, ‘Slumpie’ (2016). Install view. Courtesy the artist.
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Soon Enough @ Project Space Festival, Aug 3

1 August 2016

The Soon Enough group exhibition is on at Berlin’s insitu opening August 3.

Guest curated by Matilde Cerruti Quara and Sorana Serban for the 2016 Project Space Festival Berlin, the event is a one-night series of performances and a group show with works by James Hoff, Franziska Lantz, Deborah Ligorio, Mara Ploscaru, Nicolò Russian and Priscilla Tea. Both will open the same night.

It is self-described as “an exploration of time” and posits that time is an assumption, “an apparatus humankind produced in order not to lose track of itself”. It further states, “once overcome, the evolution of species may spread beyond its borders, crossing the limits of this dimension”.

The performances represent a “metaphorical Big Bang within the context of the exhibition” and include a guided meditation by Ligorio. The meditation aims to develop “inner evolution through both critical thinking and relaxation” and will feature a sound performance intervention by Lantz, who will produce “ancestral sounds from an era of the future past”.

Visit the FB event page for more details.**

Soon Enough @ Project Space Festival, Aug 3

James Hoff, ‘To Any Reader, Hide Awhile (Wait), the Curtain Remembers a Useless Landscape, VI’ (2015).  Courtesy the artist.

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