Indie Connect 2012

A Maze Festival

25 April 2012

And from a video festival …. to a game festival! Tomorrow opens this year’s edition of A Maze. Indie Connect 2012.. in Berlin again (well… the vernisasge is actually today but the exhibition & party start tomorrow!). The A Maze collective who’ve been gathering geeks & creatives for quite a few years now (Jump’ N Run, Games Culture circle, First Step Fest….etc) celebrate this year’s edition with a nice selection of nominees…

Talks! Workshops! Insights! Inspiration! and all the usual jazz (full program this way) concentrated in 2 very inspiring days right before the award show & the never-ending party. We’re pretty sure this year’s nominees are pretty anxious to know who gets those 5000€… we would.

This year’s mighty lucky finalists include…

Messhof‘s ASDFPLANE, Threaks’ Beatbuddy, our beloved Botanicula (by Amanita Design… who we interviewed last week btw), Brokenrules’ Chasing Aurora, Woolly Robot’s Flight of the fireflies, Sparpweeed’s ibb & obb, Nicolai Troshinsky’s Loop Raccord,  Ed Key and David Kanaga’s Proteus, Black Pants’ Tiny&Big and last but not least…. Bernhard Schulenburg’s Where is my heart?.

Who is it gonna be?

Oh, and because we can’t vote like on the vimeo awards (not that our votes count there anyway), maybe you’re interested in knowing that Indie Connect’s 2012 jury includes Zuraida Buter ( zo-ii / Global Game Jam ), Chris Adkins ( IGM ), Thierry Platon ( Bip Media ) and Marek Plichta ( Spaces of Play ).

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