Idle Worship

Idle Worship

16 September 2011

Here’s another powerful demonstration of why Facebook is and will be ahead of any other social attempts for many years to come. Like Apple with their iOS ecosystem, FB is THE ecosystem where to publish your casual & social games (&  MMOs). From the rise of Zynga as a gaming giant thanks to Zuckerberg’s platform there’ve been 534534 other companies trying to replicate their success. Well here we have Idle Games (founded by Rick Thompson (a co-founder of Playdom) and Jeffrey Hyman) with a title that could be come an instant hit… Idle Worship.

You could think of IW as the new Black&White … for Facebook, a game where you’ll play the role of a god vying for the worship of friends, strangers, and the rather dim indigenous population called Mudlings. Your actions & decisions have a direct impact obviously on their lives… by creating structures, wildlife, landmarks or new islands. Your main goal should be to inspire them Belief! which is used as the game’s default virtual currency.

Then you can spend that Belief  on building-up your city, buying decoration items and “God events” that directly influence the Mudlings. The money for Idle Games comes obviously when you buy the virtual goods they offer you.

The game is now on private beta (you can enter your e-mail to ask for a code) and fully accessible via FB but should make it to other platforms eventually.


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