Hus Gallery

Santiago Taccetti @ Hus Gallery, Mar 25 – Apr 25

23 March 2015

Hus Gallery is bringing artist Santiago Taccetti to its London space for a solo exhibition titled ISO 9001, running from March 25 to April 25.

ISO 9001 is the first solo UK exhibition for the Berlin-based and Buenos Aires-born artist. Featuring new works from his white painting series, Taccetti attempts to eliminate all external visual cues from his pieces, using the fundamental properties of the materials as his guides. Their chemical composition, and their interaction with one another, are used as the parameters of the work, reducing the artist’s own agency and replacing it with that of the materials themselves.

With ISO 9001, Taccetti plays with the idea of certified quality management systems used by companies trying to prove the consistency of their products. “In this context”, the press release writes, “an ‘industry standard’ is reconsidered as an examination of the qualities which the art object must possess in order to pass the ‘International Organization for Standardization’.”

See the exhibition page for details. **


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Events + exhibitions, Mar 23 – 29

23 March 2015

The La Confidentielle Art Fair is running this week, starting March 23, at Bastille Design Center in Paris. There’s also a group exhibition featuring Adam Cruces, Adriana Ramić, Amitai Romm organised by New Galerie and Yves Klein Archives in the French city, as well as one featuring Tilman Hornig, Felicia Atkinson, Pierre Clément and Dustin Cauchi at Galerie Joseph Tang.

In London, Photofusion is hosting one-day group show Crossing the Black Atlantic with Juliana Huxtable and Derica Shields among its artists, while Harry Meadley, Sam Kenswil and Sam Keogh are in the lineup for Small bird’s nest with blue eggs inside at MMX Gallery. Santiago Tacetti‘s ISO 9001 will be his first UK solo exhibition, and Trust Magazine is launching at Ditto Press. Dena Yago, also of K-Hole, is in London to talk at the ICA and take part in Columbidae at Cell Project Space.

Outside of the UK capital, Auto Italia and Primary appear in conversation in Nottingham, and in Stockholm Body by Body, Jaakko Pallasvuo and Stefan Tcherepnin are showing at Minibar. Kari Altmann has a solo exhibition in Dublin, Mathieu Malouf is throwing a Total Sex Party in Mexico City and ‘Queen of Bounce’ Big Freedia is performing Berlin, along with DJ sets from Black Cracker and DREEA.

There’s more so see below:


Rachael Allen @ Exhibition Laboratory, Mar 25

Erik Van Lieshout + Amalia Ulman @ Nicc België, Mar 25

David Raymond Conroy @ Camden Arts Centre, Mar 25

Zoe Williams @ Standpoint, Mar 25

Under the Moon 3 @ May Day Rooms, Mar 25

Kenneth Goldsmith @ Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, Mar 25

Auto Italia + Primary @ Primary, Mar 25

Rachel Rose + Anna Zett @ Hackney Picturehouse, Mar 26

Trust Magazine Launch @ Ditto Press, Mar 26

Mathieu Malouf @ House of Gaga, Mar 26

Devotions @ Regent Studios, Mar 26

SOMETHING TO BE SCARED OF @ All Hallows Church, Mar 26

Dena Yago @ ICA, Mar 27

La Confidentielle du YIA Art Fair, Mar 27 – 29

SASSITUDE @ Vogue Fabrics, Mar 27

Freedia @ Berghain, Mar 28

0800 DINOSAUR @ The Yard, Mar 28

Open studios @ Open School East, Mar 28

Karen Di Franco + Eva Weinmayr @ Banner Repeater, Mar 28

ALPINA HUUS. @ Schinkel Pavilion, Mar 28

Sam Curtis @ Serpentine Galleries, Mar 28


Los Carpinteros @ Parasol Unit Mar 24 – May 24

Crossing the Black Atlantic @ Photofusion, Mar 24

Santiago Taccetti @ Hus Gallery, Mar 25 – Apr 25

Isa Genzken ‘Geldbilder’ @ Hauser & Wirth, Mar 25 – May 16

Plowing Solids @ Yves Klein Archives, Mar 25 – Apr 8

Small bird’s nest with blue eggs inside @ MMX Gallery, Mar 26 – 29

Up a Tree @ Balfron Tower, Mar 26

YOU’RE THE REASON OUR KIDS ARE UGLY @ The Laundry, Mar 26 – 29

Ella Görner + Stephen Mathew Nachtigall @ C.Rockefeller Center, Mar 26 – Apr 12

White Nights, Green Scream @ /V\INIBAR, Mar 26 – Apr 18

Columbidae @ Cell Project Space, Mar 26 – May 17

Kari Altmann @ Ellis King, Mar 27 – May 2

Debora Delmar Corp.+ Test Run @ Modern Art Oxford, Mar 27 – May 17

Felix Melia @ Lima Zulu, Mar 27

Fenêtre Project @ Galerie Joseph Tang, Mar 27

Akhal-Teke + Josephine Callaghan @ Res., Mar 27 – Apr 11

Things That Tumble Twice @ Tenderpixel, Mar 28 – May 6

Bottom Natures @ CGP, Mar 29 – May 3**

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Felix Melia, All in a Clearing @ Lima Zulu.

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