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Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight 2012

20 November 2012

The surely made history early this year when they reached over $3M on Kickstarter to fund their Double Fine adventure… and now they’re proposing a rather interesting approach to game-creation by opening their internal prototyping process to the masses…

Amnesia Fortnight is how Double Fine call their annual prototyping period, and just a couple of days ago the team decided that this year’s edition would be internetized… and partner with Humble Bundle to allow readers to vote for a “potential” full development.

For this edition they’ve posted 23 games that could be developed into prototypes. The only problem is that no-one assures any voter (or funder if you want to grab those early 2 prototypes + the top 4 ideas) the most-voted games will ever be produced & released.

Still, most readers will appreciate the peek inside Double Fine’s annual open-hack-day-equivalent… with games, and learn how some of those crazy ideas come to fruition. Some great proposals are already being favored like LeBreton’s “Spacebase DF-9” or Brandon Dillon’s Hack n’ Slash but there’s still 5+ days to vote… so up to you!

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Voxatron Debuts

31 October 2011

Mmmmm the best pixel shooter of the year is finally out!

And guess which selling partner they’ve chosen for reaching a worldwide success? Humble Bundle!

This would be the sixth release of the multi-platform DRM-free trend that started earlier this year with the Humble Indie Bundle #1 (Word of Goo, Penumbra & co), and this time comes as a “debut” for Lexaloffle Games’s Voxatron.

The best thing? As other Humble bundles you’ll be able to purchase the game with the “pay what you want” formula, and even if it has a $15 recommended price (part of the $$ goes to a couple of charities), you certainly can pay more, and much much more (don’t think less). We would give you our download key but…. we thought it would be better if you just buy it yourself!

Voxatron as you probably know is the long-awaited platform shooter with a top down perspective with voxel graphics, and even if this release is the “alpha” version they’ve promised to provide free updates for all the people who decide to buy the game with this formula, which unfortunately only runs for the next 2 weeks (as part of the humblebundle formula). There’ve already been 30K downloads as we speak so imagine in a couple of weeks…

Highly addictive and highly recommended.

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