NAO Next Gen

13 December 2011

Another one gone viral…. yesterday just a few thousands and now over 100K views! The new more-than-a-toy NAO humanoid by French robotics manufacturer Aldebaran Robitics is now out for just 15.000$!!! A bargain!

It’s obviously not aimed at final users like us (although it’s their ultimate goal) but at researchers… for educational, scientific  and development purposes…. for now.

NAO became really successful a few years ago when it became the standard platform for the ROBOCUP league,  making it one of the most widely accepted humanoids on earth. Now that Aldebaran Robotics have a big fan base (sold over 2000 units on top of the freely distributed ones) and they want to make of NAO a basic element for the future of education.

It seems like it has become (we’re still hoping a lot from those good looking Japanese Ropid units) the de-facto standard and their new version packs a 1.6GHz processor and two HD cameras to improve performance in face-and-object recognition.

We’re simply just a few years ago from having our own helping humanoid at home.

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