Human Ark

The Lost Town of Switez

8 October 2011

It is quite discouraging having to wait over a year (sometimes 2, sometimes 5) to watch the animated shorts we like. They have to be screened and included in endless festivals and maybe tour for years & years. And then, once the festival lifecycle is over is up to the director (or other team members) to decide whether they want to upload the short and make it available online or not.

Kamil Polak‘s “The Lost town of Switez” is one of those jewels we saw a couple of months ago at the LIAF and keeps doing its particular world tour…. and a couple of weeks ago it was awarded with NY’s short film festival “Best animation” award.

Originally created in a combination of 3D animation and classic animation painted with oil paints (19th century Slavonic and Middle-age paintings styles) there was a special commission forĀ  large-scale paintings which were then composited into a multiple-plane 3D computer generated (CG) environment using digital animation and compositing techniques.

Very remarkable is also the contribution of Irina Bogdanovich’s music, one of the best new Russian talents.

And as a present here’s one of Kamil’s first animated works….

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