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Mike Kelley @ Hauser & Wirth, Sep 23 – Nov 19

20 September 2016

The Mike Kelley Foundation presents solo exhibition Framed and Frame at London’s Hauser & Wirth, opening September 23 running to November 19.

This will be the gallery’s first UK exhibition devoted to the Los Angeles artist and presents the 1999 installation ‘Framed and Frame (Miniature Reproduction ‘Chinatown Wishing Well’ built by Kelley after ‘Miniature Reproduction ‘Seven Star Cavern’ Built by Prof. H.K. Lu’)’.

The installation “takes Los Angeles’ marginalised Chinese American community as its inspiration” and explores “the conceptual space between real and imagined places” by recreating a local landmark in the Chinatown of downtown LA. It consists of two separate sculptures divided by a wall and is a ‘wishing well’ in “the form of a biomorphic, concrete, grotto-like landscape, covered with spots of spray-painted colour and cheap religious statuary and tossed coins on its ledges and niches”.

For Kelley, the wishing well “projects the narrative of the Chinese-American community in Los Angeles, a story of persecution and exclusion, but also of cultural resilience and exchange”.

See the Hauser & Wirth website for more details.**

Mike Kelley @ Hauser & Wirth, Sep 23 - Nov 19

Mike Kelley, ‘Framed and Frame (Miniature Reproduction “Chinatown Wishing Well”)’ (1999),  Installation detail. Courtesy Hauser and Wirth.

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Art Basel, Jun 18 – 23

16 June 2015

Art Basel is returning for another round in the Swiss town, taking over from June 18 to 23.

The fair brings over 300 galleries exhibiting more than 4,000 artists, with eight different sectors representing the various artistic mediums, and a multitude of events throughout its week-long run, including an artist talk with Harm van den Dorpel, Anicka Yi, and Robin Meier on June 18, one in memory of the great Louise Bourgeois on  June 20, and one on romance and collaboration in contemporary art with Paul Kneale and Elise Lammer on June 21.

Among the 300 leading galleries exhibition are some familiar to aqnb, including Berlin’s Carlier GebauerContemporary Fine ArtsSociétéTanya Leighton, and Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, as well as Hamburg’s LEVY Galerie, and the international Hauser & Wirth. Running alongside the art fair is Lady Bar‘s week of musical programming, bringing Berlin techno, Gang Fatale and Night Slugs, among others.

See the Art Basel website for details. **


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Isa Genzken @ Hauser & Wirth, Mar 25 – May 16

23 March 2015

Hauser & Wirth are bringing artist Isa Genzken to London to debut her new series of paintings, titled Geldbilder and running from March 25 to May 16.

Using the language of capitalism (and its aesthetics, as with her use of actual currency in her canvases), Genzken examines the self and how it exists in society, using the aesthetics of punk, Minimalism and assemblage-like art to poke at the purse string seams of the modern human experience.

Genzken builds on a multi-decade oeuvre of sculpture, photography, found-object installation, painting, and drawing, and uses her exploration of capitalism as one of art itself. Playing with the concept of art as investment, disassociating money from its role as currency and observing it as a material object and social artefact first, Genzken lends to her canvases the raw, aggressive, and at times volatile energy of the financial markets themselves.

See the exhibition page for details. **


Image: Isa Genzken, ‘Geldbild XLII’ (2014). © Isa Genzken, courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth London.

Header image:  Isa Genzken, ‘Geldbild IX’ (2014). © Isa Genzken, courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth London.

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Pipolitti Rist @ Hauser & Wirth, Nov 26 – Jan 10

25 November 2014

Artist Pipilotti Rist brings two new solo exhibition, titled Worry Will Vanish, to Hauser & Wirth‘s London and Somerset galleries, running in parallel from November 26 to January 10.

For her London show, “Rist has transformed the gallery into a fully immersive, sensory environment”, projecting her 2014 video work ‘Worry Will Vanish Horizon’ across two of its walls. The video, created as a journey through the inside of the human body, comes out of Rist’s work with 3D animation, blending corporeal images of skin creasing with close-up fragments from nature.

A collaboration with artist and musician Anders Guggisberg creates an auditory, as well as visual, journey, and combined with her use of Autogenic Training to facilitate relaxation, ‘Worry Will Vanish Horizon’ emerges “as a joyous celebration of audio, texture and colour”. The Somerset gallery, in turn, will host a second, small-scale video installation titled ‘Stone Skyscraper’ (2014).

See the Hauser & Wirth exhibition page for details. **

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 3.06.10 PM

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In the Know

17 May 2011

With the radical cuts to local provision for social and cultural programmes, it is not entirely surprising that art galleries and artists have been getting involved in community education lately. Hauser & Wirth is the latest gallery to educate the masses and, to that effect, they have opened the Picadilly Community Centre. In these times of economic turmoil, it is not without irony that they took over the Former location of the Midland / HSBC Bank in Picadilly Square.

You might wonder why a commercial contemporary art gallery that specializes in avant-garde, highly marketable artists the likes of Martin Creed and Louise Bourgeois would want to suddenly organise dance salsa classes for seniors. Well, I would reply that they are merely catching up with the zeitgeist. Continue reading In the Know

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