‘Hack the Barbican’

‘Piracy Today’ @ Penthouse 4C

27 August 2013

No signs of abating energy and ideas as this year’s Hack the Barbican draws to an end. Because Penthouse 4C has another challenge to the status quo with explorations into piracy with Hardcore Software, a new project run and curated by Rachel Falconer and Lawrence Lek tomorrow,  Wednesday 28.

With a growing sentiment of hacking as an integral part of tech-cult progress, Lek and Falconer present AND Publishing, Geraldine Juarez and Martin Dittus in a performative discussion and “flash exhibition” around “deconstructing, remediating and representing public space”.

So as Hardcore Software asks, “is piracy a destructive force or a necessary ingredient in cultural transmission?” It’s probably no coincidence Fari Bradley today did the same:



See the Hardcore Software website for more details. **

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‘Napathon’ @ Hack the Barbican

23 August 2013

And here I was thinking that I was the one making napping into an art form, when Penthouse 4C is taking it that one step further by hosting a collective Sunday sleep-in for their Nap-A-Thon, on August 25 at Hack the Barbican.

As part of a sleep-inducing site-specific installation, artists Andi Schmied and Ricardo Davila-Otoya will be bringing the sights, sounds and relaxation exercises, along with blankets, yoga mats and ambiance. All you need is the pillow.

See the Napathon Facebook of more details. **

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Sonic Architecture @ Penthouse 4C

22 August 2013

So Public Assembly have inhabited pop-up space and installation Penthouse 4C at Hack the Barbican for nearly two weeks now and to celebrate, they’ll be hosting Sonic Architecture tomorrow, Friday, August 23.

Featuring two collaborations by Lawrence Lek and Chris King,  as well as Patchfinder and Daniel Swan. Promising an “immersive live experience” the artists concerned all work with an audiovisual scope, particularly King, whom we interviewed not long ago.

See the Public Assembly Facebook page for details. **

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‘Penthouse 4C’ @ Barbican

13 August 2013

Artists Lawrence Lek launched his half-sized installation ‘Penthouse 4C‘ of the most exclusive room in the Barbican on Friday for Hack the Barbican. It will host Public Assembly, a nomadic art collective founded by Lek, for the duration of festival, running August 5 to 31.

During that time the pop-up venue-within-a-venue will be hosting “a month-long series of interactive events, classes, installations, screenings, musical performances, hangouts, parties…” and the list goes on.

See the Penthouse 4C website for more details, including a timetable. **

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Hack the Barbican now running

6 August 2013

Hack the Barbican is now running over the next four weeks at London’s Barbican Centre, from August 5 to 31. Open daily during regular opening hours the London institution will be a hive of activity throughout its theatres and foyers as artists, entrepreneurs and technologists look to their boundaries and stretch them as far as they can with experiments in post-apocalyptic Beekeeping, “barbicoins“, arcade games of the future and much more.

See Lanyrd.com for the full schedule. **

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‘Hack the Barbican’ August 5 – 31

17 July 2013

Community-run collective Hack the Barbican will be holding “London’s biggest ever” experiment in cross-disciplinary collaboration over four weeks, from Monday, August 5, to Saturday, August 31. It will be held in the foyer and aims to bring together technologists, entrepreneurs and artists together to explore new boundaries, within the city’s context.

Inviting roughly 60 people to take over the Pit Theatre with as few preconceptions as possible, the project carries on the The Barbican Centre‘s search of different models of education, in collaboration with creative workspace engineers The Trampery. See the Hack the Barbican website for more details.**


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