Guillermo Garcia Carsi

Doomed: a biological cartoon!

9 February 2013

Back in the summer of 2011 we approached Guillermo Garcia Carsi for a little chat, his shiny “DOOMED” series pilot was doing the festival & production houses tour looking for funding. In chat with Spanish TVE, with other European channels… but we really never heard much more about it.

Guillermo has, since then, been involved in many other animated projects and side jobs. Maybe the failures of the natural selection is something humans don’t like to be reminded about, maybe “Doomed” was too forward-thinking… we might never get to meet all those creatures, but at least his very own El Señor Studio has just uploaded that great pilot for everyone to enjoy.

This is also the story of the relationship between these creatures and its Narrator. The character of the Narrator was a documentary star, but unfortunately for him, the good times are over and he is forced to accept this strange documentary, which he considered far below its potential.

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