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Holly White spa eBook launch @ Etsy, Nov 10

6 November 2015

Artist Holly White launches her “spa eBook” with recipes for DIY products like soaps and shampoos as a PDF on Etsy on November 10.

The idea came as a result of the DIY spa and research lab White ran at Grove House “where people could come and relax and I gave them baths and we shared recipes”, developing into a short PDF instructional, teaching one how to have a DIY spa at home with cheap products derived from nature.

Examples: how to make basic bathroom products, like moisturiser, bath bombs, shampoos, and lip balms. The PDF gives starting recipes to be developed and adapted for your personal needs/budgets.

See the project page for details. **

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Events + exhibitions, Feb 9 – 15

9 February 2015

Shifting focus away from some standout festivals and fairs starting the year, the week beginning February 9 is a big one for one-off events and exhibitions. Kimmo Modig and Shana Moulton will be performing in Athens and Nottingham respectively, while Hannah Sawtell, Jenny Moore and PC Music‘s Finn Diesel are performing in London.

Also in the UK capital, are new exhibition openings at Jupiter Woods, Project Native Informant, Grove House and Vilma Gold, while Eloïse Bonneviot is contributing to art label Caustic Coastal‘s first digital commission and the Pale Journal Issue 1 is launching at Space with performances and readings from artists including Sophie Jung and Anna Zett.

In Berlin, Leslie Kulesh is presenting as part of a Hotel Palenque commission at Center, while Emmy Skensved and Grégoire Blunt are showing eStamina at Import Projects, along with texts from Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Beny Wagner, Susan Ploetz among others. There’s an app launch happening at American Medium in New York and a poetry series launching at San Serriffe in Amsterdam, while London-based artist Hannah Perry is opening an exhibition in LA.

There’s more so see below:


Oculus Book Talk: Architecture/Astrology, Feb 9

Radical Thinkers @ Tate Modern, Feb 9 – 10

Garrett Nelson @ Oslo10, Feb 10

Kimmo Modig @ LIFE SPORT, Feb 10

Paper Circuits @ The White Building, Feb 11

8 the app release party @ American Medium, Feb 11

FR€€ ₮HI₦G$ @ STCFTHOTS, Feb 12

Les Oracles @ XPO Gallery, Feb 12 – Apr 4

Ways of Something @ The Photographers’ Gallery, Feb 12

Eloïse Bonneviot @ Caustic Coastal, Feb 12

Giant Swan, Hannah Sawtell &c @ The Waiting Room, Feb 12

Shana Moulton @ Primary, Feb 12

Non-Threat Event @ T.Chances, Feb 12

Section 6.2 @ The Yard, Feb 13

Rundgang Party 2015, Feb 13

Pale Journal Issue 1 launch @ Space, Feb 13

Carl Palm @ Parallel Oaxaca, Feb 14 – Mar 14

Finn Diesel @ Edition Hotel, Feb 14

Sue Tompkins @ Young Team, Feb 14

NOON ON THE MOON launch @ San Serriffe, Feb 14

Leslie Kulesh @ Center, Feb 14

DEBBIE @ Resistance Gallery, Feb 14

Jenny Moore @ Serpentine Galleries, Feb 14


Beatrice Loft Schulz @ Grove House, Feb 9 – 15

Ned Vena @ Project Native Informant, Feb 11 – Mar 22

Graeme Thomson + Silvia Maglioni @ The Showroom, Feb 11 – Mar 28

Queer Resistance @ RM Gallery, Feb 12 – 28

Common Grounds @ Villa Stuck, Feb 12 – May 17

Patricia L Boyd @ Occasional Table, Feb 13 – 21

Mariana Ferratto @ The Gallery Apart, Feb 13 – Apr 11

Premiums Interim Projects @ Royal Academy of Arts, Feb 13 – Mar 11

☁ Self ~ Storage ☁ @ EMBASSY, Feb 13 – Mar 1

Grégoire Blunt + Emmy Skensved @ Import Projects, Feb 14 – Mar 7

Marlie Mul + Life Gallery @ Vilma Gold, Feb 14 – Mar 21

COOL – As a State of Mind @ MAMO, Feb 14 – Apr 26

It is My Diamond Now @ Jupiter Woods, Feb 14 – Mar 1

Hannah Perry @ Steve Turner Contemporary, Feb 14 – Mar 14

Isaac Lythgoe @ Almanac Projects, Feb 14 – Apr 4

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Shana Moulton, ‘SPF 2012’ (2013).

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Aimee Heinemann @ Grove House, Nov 30

29 November 2014

Aimee Heinemann is presenting a second solo exhibition, Instable, over one night at 7 Grove House in north-east London on Sunday November 30 from 6pm.

Recently contributing to‘s EDENunlimited/tbc.tbc in Berlin, and following a first solo exhibition, COPE AGAINST COPE, at Life gallery’s original physical location on Consort Road in January, this show promises a sculptural installation and a reading from a found text.

Perhaps as an insight into what that found text might involve, the event announcement includes the fragment below that points to an ongoing ‘personal as biopolitical’ bent:

“it could be like, a flourishing, briefly
there’ll never be endtimes bc ~time~ ends before the end

an age of damp mossy overgrown pronouns, before an ice age freezes what’s always been in the cracks and cracks them open. it’s tempting to think that the hole in a hole would be solid, like a block rather than a deepening or maybe even an o p e n i n g. when it’s right you’ll knownothing. limp-wristed mutant, armed gurl god, nothing left to do but consecrate
}everything lol

‘is ferality even a word?’ idk i hope not

v v v religious naps/radical moisture/true metallic gore/moominland midwinter/a queer journal of heresy/identity kinda like a fractal glue the more it sticks to the more there is for it to stick to and the more it /has/
to stick to to support it’s own weight it’s fucked up but still, it’s nice to find each other//


[new work ~ byob]


See the Facebook event page for details. **

Aimee Heinemann, 'Greek & Roman Mythology 2003: World Aquaculture & Apocalypse Narratives' (2014) @ EDENunlimited/tbc.tbc. Install view. Courtesy
Aimee Heinemann, ‘Greek & Roman Mythology 2003: World Aquaculture & Apocalypse Narratives’ (2014) @ EDENunlimited/tbc.tbc. Install view. Courtesy
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