Giulia Loi

Gilded Ceremony @ Assembly Point, Oct 1

1 October 2015

London’s Assembly Point is hosting Gilded Ceremony to accompany the Faith Dollars, Taxfree Imagination & Uptown Bliss exhibition –running through and during Art Licks Weekend –to be held on October 1.

Organised by artist Marios Stamatis the event, including spoken word, live music and performance, complements the Faith Dollars… themes of what its press release calls “financial abstraction, absurdity and surrealism”, as explored through the “contemporary experience of post capitalist realism”.

Participating artists include Sarah BoultonJames LowneGiulia Loi.2dotLea Collet and Stamatis himself.

See the Facebook event page for details.**

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Pale Journal Issue 1 launch @ [ space ], Feb 13

12 February 2015

London’s [ space ] will be launching the first issue of Pale Journal on February 13.

The contemporary art gallery’s inaugural launch will be accompanied by a set of performances and readings from various artists, including Canadian artist Dan Barrow known for his “narrative overhead projection performances”, artist Alexander Townend Bate, video and visual artists Giulia Loi and Mary Vettise, Berlin-based artist Anna Zett, and London- and Basel-based artist Sophie Jung.

The night will be capped off with a musical performances by QUITTERS.

See the FB event page for details. **

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