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8 March 2012

What are you capable of doing to celebrate you’ve become one of the most influential New York (and American) gallerists? Grab a Poooooooooo suit and (break?)dance to the rythm of your own beatbox sounds, you’re only getting a book about your gallery being published after all.

“Street art 2 the gallery” democratiser and wise profit-maker ┬áLeVine just got a 252-page book with a compilation of photos, more photos, great photos, many features, interviews & a nice biography on LeVine’s life from his early years as an independent curator to present-day gallerist: “the backstory that brought this punk kid from Trenton, NJ, to the hallowed gallery walls of Chelsea.”

Delusional - Jonathan LeVine's book cover
Delusional - Jonathan LeVine's book cover

He has indeed welcomed some of the biggest street art & pop names worldwide in his Manhattan gallery over the past 7 years, and we think he’s just getting started. What started in New Hope and is now in NYC may very well cross the pond and open a 2nd gallery somewhere else in the States right? Move to Beijing if not!

A 35$ and highly recommended overview of the “artists’ gallerist” which will be presented at his own gallery this Saturday from 3-5 pm. More info on the book or event this way, images here and on his fb avid consumers! (oh and apparently this is one of several videos to promote the book so… maybe more Laa-Laa & Teletubbie dancing to come?).

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