Gilles Châtelet

Enter the Cybercattle @ Thomas Dane Gallery, Mar 3

3 March 2015

Urbanomic publisher and art organization will be hosting Enter the Cybercattle at London’s Thomas Dane Gallery tonight, March 3.

The roundtable discussion comes in conjunction with artist John Gerrard‘s recent photographic survey of a Google data farm in Oklahoma following his denial of access by Google Inc., which turned into a new work titled ‘Farm (Pryor Creek, Oklahoma)’ now on display at Thomas Dane Gallery. The work is comprised of a simulated ‘twin’ of the farm flanked by diesel generators and cooling towers, asking the question: “What new species of virtual subject is being reared in massive data centres whose processes operate well below the threshold of human perception?”

Using Gilles Châtelet‘s dystopian portrait of the evils of the market, To Live and Think Like Pigs, the discussion examines the relationship between “cognitive and spatial dislocation in the contemporary digital-cognitive control system,and the algorithmic channelling of desire that binds us to the invisible processing centres of a ‘future neurocracy'”.

Participants include: writer and curator Adam Kleinman; Matthew Fuller, Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths; Robin Mackay, Director of Urbanomic and translator of Gilles Châtelet’s To Live and Think Like Pigs; design strategist Benedict Singleton; and FACE social media research, Jay Owens.

See the Urbanomic event page for details. **


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