George Egerton-Warburton

Mirrors @ Duve, Mar 11 – Apr 16

10 March 2016

The Mirrors group show, curated by Elise Lammer, is on at Berlin’s DUVE, opening March 11 and running April 16.

There is little information given with the exhibition apart from that it “is a show about smoking”.

Artists include Neïl Beloufa, Charlotte Herzig, Gilles Furtwängler, Louisa Gagliardi, Ramaya Tegegne, and Pauline Beaudemont among others.

Also a part of Mirrors is a thematic film programme including works by Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, George Egerton-Warburton, Frank Lloyd Wright and Gabriel Lester on March 31.

See the Duve website for (limited) details**

Pauline Beaudemont, L'Age D'Or (2014) @ SALTS, Birsfelden. Installation view. Photo Gunnar Meier. Courtesy the gallery.
Pauline Beaudemont, L’Age D’Or (2014) @ SALTS, Birsfelden. Installation view. Photo Gunnar Meier. Courtesy the gallery.


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Status Effect Episode #01 now streaming

26 November 2015

Episode #01 of quarterly podcast Status Effect is now streaming on Soundcloud, as part of a programme commissioning new long form audio pieces by artists, curators, arts writers and arts workers, running from November, 2015 to January, 2016.

Focussing on social structures within the contemporary art world, the podcast aims to explore how these collective environments are composed and navigated, and as such is interested in topics surrounding subjectivity, reprioritising, diplomacy, protocol, social anxiety, the possibility for care and empathy, social mobility and labour.

Produced by Andrew Varano, the first episode features contributions from Francis Russell, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Dan Bourke & Gemma Weston and George Egerton-Warburton, as well as music from Perth, Australia-based band Erasers.

See the Status Effect website for details. **

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Plagiarist of My Unconscious Mind! @ Chateau Shatto, Jul 21 – Aug 29

22 July 2015

A new exhibition titled Plagiarist of My Unconscious Mind! is opening up at LA’s Chateau Shatto on July 21 and running until August 29, with a proper opening reception on July 24.

The group exhibition combines works by Peggy Ahwesh, Cécile B. Evans and George Egerton-Warburton, with an extended installation of Rose Hobart (1936), artist Joseph Cornell’s 18-minute surrealist edit of the 1931 film East of Borneo, starring Rose Hobart in the lead role (the idea for which he was later accused by the booming ego of Salvador Dalí as plagiarizing, somehow).

For Plagiarist of My Unconscious Mind!, Château Shatto revisits the first presentation of Cornell’s film, converting it back to black and white and projecting in through a piece of blue glass, accompanied by the soundtrack of 78 rpm records playing alongside the film.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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