Garis & Hahn

Samuel Stabler @ O Gallery LA, Jul 21 – 28

21 July 2016

Samuel Stabler is presenting solo exhibition Hand Cut Paper with Collage at Los Angeles’ O Gallery LA, opening July 23 and running to July 21 to 28.

The show is a collaboration with Max Teicher and the first to be presented by until recently New York-based “gallery-cum-Kunsthalle” Garis & Hahn, which has since relocated to the Californian city with plans for opening its own space in 2017.

The work to be presented is described as an assemblage of “collage-like works rooted in the subconscious”, where the Georgian-based artist revisits his meticulous cut-out process and creates forms which “flirt with abstraction, collapsing inverse and negative space into intricate lattices which incorporate representational iconographies and symbols, evoking dream states”.

See the Garis and Hahn website for more details.** 
Samuel Stabler @ O Gallery LA, Jul 21

Samuel Stabler, ‘Untitled (Grey and Orange Cut-Out)’ (2014), Hand-cut paper with acrylic on verso. Courtesy the artist.

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Body2Body @ Garis & Hahn, Apr 9

9 April 2015

Global Committee is hosting an off-site launch party for the Body2Body exhibition, taking place at New York’s Garis & Hahn on April 9.

The artist-run project space is bringing in 12 international artists with a showcase of installations, performances and video works exploring the role of the body in the increasingly digitized world in which it may not longer be the primary vehicle for intimacy and experience.

As part of the launch are works by twelve international participating artists, including a new video by Laure Prouvost titled ‘We Know We Are Just Pixels’, and a performance titled ‘Available Space’ exploring the relationship of architectural space to image by filmmaker and artist Barbara Hammer.

There will also be video works by  Shana Moulton (‘MindPlace ThoughStream’), Andrew Norman Wilson (‘Uncertainty Seminars’), and Ann Hirsch (‘I, Decay Part III: Body Conscious’) among many others.

 See the event page for details. **

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