Games and Storytelling

Games and Storytelling

13 August 2012

No better place than the Tribeca Film Fest to ask scriptwriters, filmmakers & storytellers to leave the film industry and join (or “experiment”) the gaming one, even if many of them already have crossed the road multiple times.

Also very funny to see how the talk moderated by our admired Kill-Screen founder Jamin Warren dives into those similar reflexions & thoughts many game makers have had for a while now… how can you innovate in the gaming storytelling space?¬† Something we got to ask indie game and Gravity Bone’s creator Brendon Chung earlier on this month.

This video is a summary of the talk, just over 6 minutes really worth watching and with one big final invitation by¬†Michelle Byrd (GFC founder) to all those authors to think about “games” as their new vehicle to tell their story. Definitely the most interactive way to tell stories.

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