Free Spirit


12 May 2012

Swedish are back! Our maxi-favorite Scandinavian label Service are preparing a new album release of one of their bands… the Gothenburg-based “Ikons” whose 2nd LP  “Life Rhythm” will be out worldwide later this month (Swedish themselves get an early  next-Tuesday availability though).

A couple of months ago their first single “Free Spirit” was unveiled through the London blog (and Nordic affair-night) Ja Ja Ja and with this second and popier “Sister” we’re a bit unsure where are Ikons leaving their rockier and more experimental synthetic sounds from their first album. Only a few days left to find out…

Either way, nuns don’t fall from the sky every day… it is a bit of a pity though that the scenes taken from  Harmony Korine ‘s “Mister lonely” while being a great choice for the clip, are a big spoiler to that other parallel story of Korine’s wannabe stars dream.

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