Frank Warren

Post Secret app

18 September 2011

Post Secret is some sort of obligated visit once in a while, for your personal soul, as a worries pacifier or as a voyeuristic window to the rest of the world’s dark secrets. An amazing blog (then website, published books, art exhibitions, international versions…) initiated by Frank Warren back in 2005.

At first  10 secrets were published each Sunday, now they claim “over a half-million soulful, sexual, and silly secrets which have been mailed to PostSecret”. A phenomena which has turned the blog into a veritable goldmine, more than 1 million facebook followers and nearly 0.5 million on twitter…. but at the same time PS has become a great wall where to express many frustrations, in fact since 2008 Warren teamed up with 1-800 suicide to run some crisis hotlines on college campuses.

Post Secret for iPhone
Post Secret for iPhone

And because receiving secrets over mail isn’t enough Frank thought an app could be even better… and probably the best way to adapt to our digital times of ubiquitous status sharing . Released a couple of weeks ago & produced by bonobolabs the 2$ PS app (for now only on iTunes but should arrive to Android soon) brings you the possibility to discover local secrets (some dirty, some funny…) while sharing your own, reaching out anonymously or even contacting helplines if needed. Really worth downloading.

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