26 September 2012

I’m wondering how many 3D printers we’ve already come across this year… you have the “non-professional” toy-making machines like iModela… and then you have these pro-oriented models that very few can afford…

And because everything that the “MIT media Lab” stamp touches transforms into gold the recently created¬†studio Formlab¬†(basically a group of ex-MIT labbers) won’t be needing any of the 29 days left to achieve their funding goal for their first project: Form 1.

Formlabs Form 1 - 3D Printer
Formlabs Form 1 – 3D Printer

They’re promising to deliver the most “affordable” 3D printer that delivers professional results (read.. it uses the stereolithography technology) but won’t cost you both of your livers… for 2200$ you’ll have access to the most basic of kits… certainly not cheap. But putting things in context, this is just the beginning of a new market which shall inevitably bring a quality 3D printer into every house one day.

Not yet with Form 1, but this adventure which started over a year ago looks promising… especially if we consider that they should have enough money to produce a large range of colors… and that the little campaign video looks smarter than the iPhone 5 campaign. More info this way, and on their webpage.

Formlabs Form 1 - 3D Printer accessories
Formlabs Form 1 – 3D Printer accessories
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