At the intersection of art, sound & community: a guide to Montréal’s MUTEK Festival, Aug 22 – 27

21 August 2017

The 18th Edition of MUTEK is on at various locations across Montreal, running August 22 to 27.

Known as Canada’s “preeminent hub of electronic music and digital creativity” — with festivals also taking place in London, Mexico City, Barcelona and Berlin — the five-day event brings together music, art and technology, dedicated to “discovery, revelation and community.”

MUTEK splits itself into three categories, Performances, Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions, and the Satosphère Series, with our recommendations below: 


-‘INTER_CONNECT London: This Wheel’s on Fire,’ including Sensate Focus, at Society for Arts and Technology, Aug 23

-‘EXPÉRIENCE London,’ including Bambooman at Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Aug 23

-‘INTER_CONNECT México: NAAFI Presenta Noche De Ritmos Periféricos,’ including Mexican Jihad, Aug 24

-‘EXPÉRIENCE México,’ including Ouri, at Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Aug 24

-‘Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 3: Drone Activity in Progress,’ including Sarah Davachi and FIS, at Métropolis, Aug 24

-‘Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 4: Widescreen Macheen Dreems,’ including Aurora Halal, at Métropolis, Aug 25

– ‘Don’t Assume: NTS Radio on Stage 1,’ including Space Afrika and Beatrice Dillon, at Édifice WILDER Espace danse, Aug 25 + 26

-‘EXPÉRIENCE Berlin: CTM Festival presents Berlin Current,’ including Dis Fig and Loticat Esplanade de la Place des Arts, Aug 26

-‘INTER_CONNECT Berlin: Eine kleine elektronische Nachtmusik,’ including rRoxymore, at Society for Arts and Technology, Aug 26

-‘NOCTURNE 6: Other Hemispheres,’ including Kara-Lis Coverdale, at Society for Arts and Technology, Aug 27

Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions

Subversions of Reality exhibition, including Jasmine Johnson and LaTurbo Avedon, at Place des arts – Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme, Aug 22 – 27

-‘Mark Fell Q+A with Oliver Harding‘ at Monument-National, Aug 25

-Panel discussion ‘Berlin Imaginaries,’ moderated by Taïca Replansky of CTM Festival with Hans Reuschl (Africaine 808), Chris Vargas (Pelada), Hermione Frank (rRoxymore) and Mike Shannon at Monument-National, Aug 26

Visit the MUTEK website for details.**

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CTM 2016 – New Geographies, Jan 29 – Feb 7

28 January 2016

CTM electronic music and art festival returns this year across multiple spaces in Berlin, opening January 29 and running February 6.

CTM 2016 is titled New Geographies, and in direct response to rapidly collapsing borders and hybridising topographies, as well as the backlash of tense essentialist reaction to these changes, invites more artists, contributors and voices operating in less familiar localities than ever before.

Guest curators are Rabih Beaini, for the music programme and Norient who have organised a “multi-authored” exhibition with over 250 artists working in 50 different countries with video, sound and music. Cult independent film maker Vincent Moon is opening his ‘Rituals’ installation at HAU2 on January 30 and talks led by the links of The Wire editor Emily Bick and journalist Adam Harper.

Included in the amazing line up are Hatsune Miku, and MBJ Wetware who will collaborate with JG Biberkopf, for whom aqnb has recently written a series of short texts to be read alongside his unthinkable show on NTS radio.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Zones 1 with Visionist, Thug Entrancer, J.G. Biberkopf and MBJ Wetware on February 2.

Zones III with Le1f, Aïsha Devi and Tianzhuo Chen on February 4.

Flow II with Jlin, Nkisi, Nidia Minaj and Kablam on February 4.

Steven Warwick and Anna Homler’s ‘Breadwoman‘ performance on February 5.

Zones IV with Kassem Mosse and others on February 5.

Still Be Here with Hatsune Miku, featuring Laurel Halo, LaTurbo Avedon and others on February 5.

Grid Line with Why Be, Mum Dance and Rabit on February 6.

Fis at Coordinates VI on February 6.

New Geographic with OG Maco and Easter on February 6.

See the CTM website for details.**

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Unthinkable w J.G. Biberkopf December 5 mix

18 December 2015

Produced in partnership with aqnb, this month’s ‘Unthinkable’ segment for NTS Radio from Lithuanian producer J.G. Biberkopf relates to research into fluidity and decentralisation. On the whole, there’s an airy disposition, as it implicates breath, as respiration necessary to life; the inhalation and exhalation of air — air that forms the atmosphere — but also in the sense of exposure; of circulation and publication. It corresponds further to a frame of mind; specifically mindfulness — the state or quality of being attentive and aware. At the close, it correlates this with the inclusion of ‘Guided Mediation with Dr. Miles Neale – Brief Mindfulness of Breathing’.

It is also represented in the succession of tracks — a wavering, mutable, unconstrained selection that includes pieces by Gatekeeper, Valerio Tricoli, Chris Watson, Fis, MC Colibri, and Eliane Radigue, as well as Unthinkable alumni such as DJWWWW and Knives label-head Kuedo. Following on from last month’s concern for the voice, this month’s Unthinkable tethers the mind deeper to the self in the direction of breathing — still of utterance of words, but also of a moving or blowing, as of wind, and the manner of articulating.

Listen to the mix and read the text below:


Unthinkable – 5th December 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


A computer network is a self-organised system with the capacity to impel large-scale transformations in meditation (continued thought). Specifically, the faculty of thinking may transfer away from modes distinguished by objects’ necessary properties, in the direction of non-linearity. At the same time, a likening of inanimate with animate, breathing systems demonstrates conformity in their mechanisms.

For the individual, taking part may bring about alterations such as a switch from a doctrine of essentialism to one that reality is known only in terms of the perspectives of it seen at particular moments. As a result, the ability to judge truth, merit, etc. according to context may spawn — just as fish spawn masses of eggs — as well as cultivating a refined awareness of the self as a system of connected individuals.

Equivalent designs and forms come into sight all over the natural world, and this is not simply a chance occurrence — all of these forms participate jointly in fundamental mechanisms, which bear the emergence of designs on account of self-organisation. Nature’s designs grow without mention of scheme, authoritative direction, or command given to carry out a particular operation, but rather arise instinctively out of interplay between parts.

In natural and biological systems, self-organisation has been called upon to account for the outer coverings of animate beings — the patterns of stripes on a Zebra, for example. Here, the growth of design draws in organised groups or communities of associated individuals, whose small-scale interplay engenders multicoloured, eventful substance. **


Philip Samartzis – General Electric
Youtube – (Cover) I Need You Lord Jesus
Underwater Sound Specialists – Dolphin Sounds: Relaxing Sounds of Nature, Underwater Sounds for Meditation and Relaxation, Stress Relief, Deep Sleep, Yoga and Tai Chi
Music For Deep Meditation – The Chakra of Creativity, Swadhisthana – Om in the Key of D
Gatekeeper – Imax
Valerio Tricoli – In The Eye Of the Cyclone
Piano Brothers – We Are The World
Chris Watson – Lechten
DJWWWW – $ega World //// Soviet Union Anthem
Toure Kunda – Sidi Yella
Mala Ganguly & David Vito Gregoli – Sati
Gatekeeper – Tree Drum
Levy Productions Arnhem – Zuid Battle
Kink Gong recording archive – Duo Uyghur
Maeva Tahiti Tahitian Folkloric Group – Huti Huti
Helena Gough – Spores
Skrillex, Diplo, Kiesza – Take U There
Oneohtrix Point Never – Zebra
Fis – Kal
DJWWWW – Generations
Helena Gough – Protonema
Nozinja – N’wanga I Jesu
Adiemus – Adiemus
MC Colibri – Danca Do Creu

Clara Mondshine – 1922 in Baku
Kuedo – Event Tracking Across Populated Terrain
Lindstrøm – No Release
Ben Frost – Kinetic Engagement
Gatekeeper – Visitor
TCF – DB 9F 72 A8 B4 1C 62 8A 3C 96 22 8B 5B 03 23 6F 81 16 64 76 3E 0A D8 16
Jean Micheal Jarre – Industrial Revolution Part 1
Lorenzo Senni – Superimpositions
David Crosby – I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here
Ben Frost – Flex

Guided Mediation with Dr. Miles Neale – Brief Mindfulness of Breathing
Eliane Radigue – Jetsun Mila (Pt.1)
Deuter – Dawn

J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable radio show airs at midnight on a Friday each month at London’s NTS Radio. This latest one aired December 5, 2015.

See here for more ‘Unthinkable’ mixes.

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