26 June 2011

Look who’s got a new single! The London quartet (+1 -1) keep building their road to success pre end of world album release. Parakeets is their 3rd single released last week under the southern-London collective Off Modern. Who btw are in the process of launching their own record label….

In any case Fiction’s new digital single (along with Let the Day perish) is buyable this way.

Parakeets by Fiction Music
Let The Day Perish (Live BlackBox Session) by Fiction Music

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Big Things @ XOYO

18 April 2011

And besides Shebang, Austra or Aaron Koblin our bet for the already defunct Dazed Live were these four guys from up here (well, there was a certain Daniel we missed but in the end… it’s all about the Barret brothers & ¬†James).

Despite James getting tanned with the shiny Levis lights¬†the London-based quartet gave us a fairly convincing performance @ XOYO (half empty though… these people don’t know where good music is!) and announced debut album for 2012…. delayed again.

But we were delighted anyway, promising to deliver? Yep, and hopefully with the same energy and without the need of a drummer (just like up to now).

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Not In Love

21 January 2011

You’ve all been in love not since last December when the song came out, but already since you listened to it furtively around 3 months ago… or maybe more than 2 decades ago….? either way, we get an official video…. finally…

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Big Things

20 December 2010

Thought you were going to leave 2010 without knowing “another” puppy-poppy electro psychedelia band? Hahahahah you’re doomed till the end of 2010 (and probably throughout most of next year), although this time they aren’t from any south coast… they’re from cold London….

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