Gender Troublers: FEMEA @ UdK, Feb 6

6 February 2015

Artist Annie Goh‘s Universität der Kunst (UdK) seminarGender Troublers, brings a one-day festival to the Berlin university, titled FEMEA: Feminism, Experimental Media & Electronic Arts and taking place today, February 6.

Kicking off at 2pm, FEMEA begins with an exhibition opening of the students’ work, followed by a workshop titled ‘Pompoir – pump up your va g g!’ with Monai­ de Paula, and a series of project presentations by student artists, including ‘Mirror Discourse’ with Eleanor Aylett-Jones, ‘Nip Slip’ with Claire van der Mee and ‘The First Woman’ with Daniela Zorrozua.

At 5:30pm, the Berlin-based feminist collective, Fem Coven, takes the stage. It opens with writer and curator Göksu Kunak‘s presentation of her paper, ‘From Madonna to Transformella: The Burden of (re)Production’, and artist Nine Yamamoto-Masson‘s talk about ‘New Canons – Rallying Against the Erasure of Wartime Sexual Violence in the “Comfort Women” Issue in Asia’. This is followed by an introduction to collective and its Berlin Community Radio show, HYSTEREO, and a talk with aqnb‘s Eva Folks (Evanna Folkenfolk) on ‘The Invisible Woman: Female Sexuality in History’ and Nicole Leaver on ‘The Left Side of Feminism: Marxism and Socialism in Feminist Theory’.

The festival wraps up with a concert by Ellen Arkbro, a lecture performance by Mysti titled ‘You, My Communion Wafer, a ‘QUEEZ – FEMEA’ Pub Quiz, and, of course, some good tunes.

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