Fay Nicolson

Fay Nicolson @ Kunstraum, Aug 5

2 August 2016

Fay Nicolson is presenting a new performance, Over and Over Pure Form at London’s Kunstraum on August 5.

Based on a text written by the London-based artist of the same title, it is accompanied by a chorus of five performers and percussion and a meditation on “the reality of art education today and how bodies, behaviours, and attitudes are moulded through formal terminologies or ideologies”. Adopting the structure of a typical semester in art school, it reflects on the changing nature of art education.

Nicolson borrows from a variety of teaching methods from the visual exercises of Josef Albers to the formal methods developed by Richard Hamilton and presents a manifesto “calling for an art education which revalues physical experience” with an emphasis on the body and touch.

See the Kunstraum gallery website for more details.**

Fay Nicolson @ Kunstraum, Aug 5

Fay Nicolson, ‘Un Make Me’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin.

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Exquisite Collapse @ blip blip blip, Feb 3 – 25

2 February 2015

The blip blip blip art space in Leeds is hosting a group exhibition this month, titled Exquisite Collapse and running from February 3 to February 25.

Curated by Jupiter Woods co-founder Carolina Ongaro, the group show takes a Brion Gysin quote as its inspiration, building on his conceptions of abstracted realities and shuffled semantic orders: “The process of shattering and decoding words and images has the potential to exceed existing myths and the official systems upon which we base our knowledge,” the press release writes.

Participating in the exhibition are photo-etching artist Salvatore Arancio and sculptural artist James Balmforth, as well as Emily Jones, Marcus Kleinfeld, Fay Nicolson, Marianne Spurr, and Viktor Timofeev.

See the Exquisite Collapse exhibition page for details. **


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before breakfast… @ Tenderpixel, Jun 26 – Jul 26

24 June 2014

The latest exhibition to hit London’s Tenderpixel gallery is before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared, running at the space from June 26 to July 26.

The group show examines objects as they relate to time, space and materiality, and features a handful of artists working through a variety of mediums to create an open conversation between art, history and alchemy in the form of the exhibition.

Included in before breakfast… are the time maps of Cathy HaynesFay Nicolson‘s marginalia, the works of Kentaro Yamada and Andrea Zucchini, as well The School of the Event Horizon’s exploration of the black hole.

See the Tenderpixel event site for details. **

Marginal Notes (Bad Signs) by Fay Nicolson.Image courtesy artist.
Marginal Notes (Bad Signs) by Fay Nicolson.Image courtesy artist.

Header image: Cathy Haynes, ‘Life Map (Tristram Shandy) I & II’ (2014).

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