‘Fake Keygen’

Abstract Mutation – ‘Expert Loner’

29 August 2013

So, apparently the mix Abstract Mutation did for us this week was less about corporate aesthetics and more a banal reference to the Trojan infecting James Grant’s software while making it. Still, there’s much to be said for the move to mundanity many artist’s share in trying to dodge pop appropriation and the insidious nature of commodification.

Plus, if it weren’t for the need to escape said eventuality, Grant wouldn’t be such an ‘Expert Loner’ and be able to make the kind of murky dream state that is the homonymous first free-to-download track to be released from his Fake Keygen EP, out now on 1080P. Either way, it’s a far cry from the wreck head joyride of his Remote Admin mix.

Download both, listen consecutively and have a stroke. **

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