Impakt Festival 2015 @ Utrecht, Oct 28 – Nov 1

28 October 2015

The five-day multimedia Impakt Festival 2015 takes over the Dutch city of Utrecht and its Theater Kikker from October 28 to November 1.

This year’s festival, titled The Future of the Past, investigates “perceptions of past, present and future in a time when information is constantly recorded, be it consciously or unconsciously” through a series of exhibitions, lectures and screenings throughout Utrecht.

The festival kicks off with a sold-out Daan Roosegaarde event on October 28, followed by one with author and New Republic editor Evgeny Morozov on October 29, a group exhibition featuring Morozov along with Evan Roth and Olia Lialina among others on October 30, another with Cécile B. Evans among others on October 31, and the last group show with Egge van der Poel and others on November 1.

See the festival website for details. **


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Evgeny Morozov @ Cybersalon, Dec 9

6 December 2013

A Christmas lecture from eminent digital cultural critic Evgeny Morozov at London’s Cybersalon, December 9.

Delving into the “ethics, consumerism, governance, and neoliberalism of Silicon Valley”, the author of The Net Delusion will no doubt have some interesting things to say on the apparent false ideologies of “the current crop of Internet intellectuals”, fallacies corrupting our thinking and as yet untapped “emancipatory potential” of the internet, but what better way to explain that than in his own words:

“as long as the global political and economic regime is characterised by the dismantlement of the welfare state, the decline of the very idea of public goods, the triumph of tinkering over structural reform, the victory of psychology over philosophy as the favourite discipline of our technocratic classes, we shouldn’t expect technology to perform much of an emancipatory function.

See the Cybersalon website for details. **

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Rhizome ‘Seven on Seven’ Conference.

Rhizome 'Seven on Seven' Conference.
3 April 2013

New York’s The New School continues to live up to its reputation as being founded on innovation by hosting Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference on Saturday, April 20. Recognising the intersection of art and science as the way forward, the event will be pairing seven significant contemporary artists, with seven equally compelling technologists and challenging them to create something new.

Featuring the likes of artists Fatima Al Qadiri, Jill Magid and Jeremy Bailey on one end, and developers Julie Urhmann, Tiger Tara Brown and Dennis Crowley on the other, there is no limit to what the artists are allowed to produce, across media and disciplines. With author of The Net Delusion, Evgeny Morozov, giving the keynote speech, anyone on the other side of the Atlantic can only hope there’ll be stream to follow. **

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