Eric Manigaud

Anthology prize winner

31 August 2012

A couple of weeks ago finished this year’s “Anthology” Art Prize exhibition, the second edition of Charlie Smith London‘s very own art prize which in its second year has doubled the quantity of the prize (£2000 in cash for the winner +others) and this year’s winner, French artist Eric Manigaud, will not only receive a few other valuable prizes but also will have six pieces placed in The Saatchi Collection.

'Crime Scene (Houdon 1)' - 2007 © Eric Manigaud
‘Crime Scene (Houdon 1)’ – 2007 © Eric Manigaud (photo via CSL)

Those disturbing drawings have certainly had quite an impact in the London art scene when presented @ this year’s Anthology. That nearly extremist attention to detail when reproducing Alphonse Bertillon or Marcel Monnier’s photographs always give the impression that Eric knows the subject better than the photographer itself, and without falling into the hyperrealism-or-not discussion, his “duplicates” are always new and unique. For when a new solo show in the UK?

Tokyo, 1945' - 2012© Eric Manigaud
Tokyo, 1945′ – 2012© Eric Manigaud (image via CSL gallery)
Eric Manigaud, Gueule Cassee #1, 2003 © Eric Manigaud
Eric Manigaud, Gueule Cassee #1, 2003 © Eric Manigaud (image via CSL gallery)
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