Emily Segal

Philippe Thomas + Bernadette Corporation etc. @ PNI, May 31 – Jul 9

30 May 2016

London’s Project Native Informant is presenting an exhibition of work by French artist Philippe Thomas with interventions from Bernadette Corporation, Emily Segal and DIS, opening May 31 and running July 9.

The press release is a short essay written by Claire Fontaine in 2011 that discusses the void left by an artist whose life and practice is and was to focus on the act of withdrawal. It describes the life of Thomas who died in 1995 and who throughout his life “was part of a sort of community in which he permanently dissolved himself.”

“One might think that he multiplied pseudonyms, created an advertising agency to relinquish rights of authorship, and built a mirror of the digestive system of institutional memory, all in order to protect his oeuvre and to control its reception”. Thomas instead made blurry boundaries between artist and collector, making statements like “readymades belong to everyone” and showed, “without cynicism, with a cold anger, the effects of capitalism on our ideas and our bodies” elegantly and quietly.

Bernadette Corporation, Emily Segal of trend forecasting group, K-hole and New York’s DIS collective, who presented Image Life at PNI back in February, share common agencies in their work which looks at culture within the production and visualisation of culture itself. The narrative of art is their art.

Although there is no additional information on what will occur amongst Thomas’ works, surely the gesture of the interventions will address how to approach a practice and a hole like this one.

See the PNI exhibition page for more details.**

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Emily Segal @ Witte de With, Feb 16

16 February 2016

Emily Segal, of trend forecasting art group, K-HOLE will read excerpts from her forthcoming novel at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art on February 16.

The evening is named The Long Troll and perhaps references that Segal is reading from a novel-in-progress, as the press release mentions, turning the book into something that seeps out publicly, slowly as it forms.

There are excerpts of the book currently on show in the Foreword exhibition by artists Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff, whose work the Frieze article ‘Network Fatigue‘ talks about. Henkel and Pitegoff will join Segal on the evening to discuss ideas around ‘shared fictions’ and creative economies.

See the Witte de With event page for more details**

Max Pitegoff & Calla Henkel, install view, Some Gallerists (2015). Courtesy The Duck and the artists.
Max Pitegoff & Calla Henkel, install view, Some Gallerists (2015). Courtesy The Duck and the artists.
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