Emily Rosamond

Fictitious Capital @ No.w.here, Jul 24

21 July 2016

The Fictitious Capital symposium is on at London’s No.w.here on July 24.

The event hosted by the non-profit and artist-run organization focuses on money, capital, and value, while examining the “political, economic and psychological fictions that lie behind the decimation of the artist and community spaces in London”.

Under the framing of Marx, Lacan, and Deleuze’s philosophies, the symposium aims to ask questions related to art under the threats of finance, art in relation to capitalist modes of consumption, and whether or not capital can be used differently in art and beyond.

Participants include artists and writers Dave Beech, Andrew Conio, and Emily Rosamond, as well as economist Anca Carrington,  

See the No.w.here website for details.**

Fictitious Capital @ No.w.here, Jul 24

Emily Rosamond, ‘Screen shot from www.facade.com’s coin flip page’ (2013-2016), Digital print. Courtesy the artist.

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Nematode @ Wysing Arts Centre, May 9

7 May 2015

For the final event of their residencies, artists Kit Craig, Joey Holder and Takeshi Shiomitsu are presenting Nematode at Cambridge’s Wysing Arts Centre on May 9.

Wrapping up their respective residencies at the space (along with Electra (Irene Revell), Heather Phillipson, Paul Purgas, and Erica Scourti), the three artists have joined forces to devise a flexible framework—a kind of fragmented environment layered with film, text, spoken word, object, video and imagery—through which they present their unfinished ideas and works-in-progress, giving insight into the processes that underlaid their residencies at the arts centre.

The event of May 9 will also invite Electra’s Irene Revell, who will present films by experimental feminist film-maker Sandra Lahire, as well as contributions from Canadian artist, writer and educator Emily Rosamond and the writer, critic and curator, Chris Fite-Wassilak.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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TRIALOGUES @ ASC Gallery, Apr 4

1 April 2014

April 4th brings the opening of Residency 01, one of three short residencies part of the Peer Sessions: TRIALOGUES residency project at the ASC Gallery in Southwark.

Inspired by laws of general relativity and the event horizon that exists in spacetime as “the point of no return”, True Stories from the Event Horizon is a collaboration between artists Kate Pickering, Emily Rosamond, and Steven Levon Ounanian. Exploring the common case of an event horizon surrounding a black hole, where place and time become unstable, the three artists attempt “to harness the black hole’s propensity to warp and mutate space-time”.

By reassembling impaired facts and recovering lost ones, Pickering, Rosamond and Ounanian play with notion of truth and memory, as well as space and time, and their inherent ambiguities.

To learn more about the Peer Sessions, visit their official website, and to find out about the TRIALOGUES residency trifecta, visit their project page. And for specific Residency 01 opening event details, please visit aqnb‘s event listing for TRIALOGUES.

Header image: TRIALOGUES press poster. Image courtesy ACS Gallery. 

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