Eloise Hawser

Morning uber, evening oscillators @ Seventeen, Nov 17 – Dec 17

14 November 2016

The Morning uber, evening oscillators group exhibition is on at London’s Seventeen gallery, opening November 17 and running to December 17. 

“Weird, he never really rested, he said, the light and the consciousness of the waking world didn’t let him feel properly rested. And if your productivity and consumption are set to night, everything changes, he added. I felt, I knew what he meant.”

Organised by Attilia Fattori Franchini, the show brings together work by VALIE EXPORT, Eloise Hawser, Sebastian Lloyd Rees and Hannah Perry. The four practices unite to explore “urbanism, negative spaces, fragmentation and dream-states” and respond to deeper narratives in our contemporary, consumer culture.

See the Seventeen gallery website for details.**

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