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Goya by Diego Olmos

29 October 2011

Diego Olmos is mostly known in the US & Spain for his works with DC comics (he’s behind the Supernatural adaptation of the TV series, or Batman in Barcelona, Catwoman.. for ex), but from time to time he finds himself producing his very own projects like the gorgeous H2Octopus.

Presented last Monday Diego unveiled “Goya”, his very own personal view on one of the the best-known Spanish painters… Francisco de Goya y Lucientes. He’s decided to focus on probably the most intriguing and perturbing part of his life… towards the end of his life, when he was half-dealf, his wife had recently died and while tormented and going mental he decides to capture his worst nightmares.

Goya by Diego Olmos
Goya by Diego Olmos

Olmos suggests an alternative explanation to all those dark paintings and disfigured monsters… apparently Satan came to visit Goya one day, as a self-confessed admirer the devil asks Goya for a portrait… an offer Paco will decline with a not-very-positive outcome as you can imagine… Satan would appear himself every night in Goya’s dreams to torture him with horrific images…. the images we love the most from the painter and possibly the ones who’ve made him world famous.

He was many times accussed of being Frenchified
He was many times accused during his life of being Frenchified

Published under Ediciones B (Spanish only for now boooho) Goya will get you to the phantasmagoric world of ¬†smiley witches, witty devils and anthropomorphic animals… maybe you should give it a go.

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8 December 2010

Coming directly from Holland here’s an idea that could kill all those electronic readers and eInk technologies & stuff the “Dwarsliggers” or “Librinos” as they call them in Spain. Ok ok, they certainly won’t kill any Kindles or Nooks, but, it’s a good initiative editorials are using to survive while adapting to the new world…

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