Nils Bech ‘Echo’ LP release, Oct 14

11 October 2016

Nils Bech is releasing LP Echo via DFA Records on October 14.

Described as avant-garde pop, the Norwegian vocalist has previously released three albums through Oslo’s Fysisk Format and the new LP is said to be at a turning point for the singer, something of a “radical sonic depature.” Bech is now collaborating with Drippin, a producer, DJ and beat maker.  The label describes the new sound as ‘[throbbing] with a renewed sense of vigour and urgency, without losing any of the idiosyncratic beauty which marked Bech’s work out before.”

Bech recently performed with Drippin & Øyvind Mathisen at Oslo’s 2016 By:Larm Festival. Check out an early release of one of the tracks from the EP titled ‘Waiting’.

Visit the DFA Records webpage for more details.**


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Animated Berlinale Shorts

22 January 2013

Today we learned that Simon’s TPB AFK will be premiering at next month’s Berlinale,  but we liked just as much the idea of having 4 animated competing films fighting in the Festival’s shorts competition.  With them, another 23 films will be competing for the Golden Bear and Silver Bear Jury Prize (both of which are presented at the Award Ceremony), the DAAD Short Film Award, and a short film nomination for the European Film Prize.

Poster from Merlin Flügel's Echo
Poster from Merlin Flügel’s Echo

4 great pieces which include German directors Merlin Flügel (with his short Echo) and Xenia Lesniewski (with Hypozentrum) as well as Korean director Joung Yu Mi (with Love Games) and Nordic Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim (with Whale Women).

(Xenia’s Remisequenz from 2011)

To be fair selection amongst these 4 is pretty though already so imaging having to compete with another 23… the full list of short films this way.

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