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S:FUTURE @ RCA Dyson Gallery, Oct 5 – Oct 9

5 October 2016

The S:FUTURE group exhibition  is on at London’s RCA Dyson Gallery, opening October 5 and running to October 9.

The show features new work from RCA researchers Victoria Geaney, Wayne Binitie, Trent Kim and Flora Bowden, interweaving the works of the four artists as they explore elements of bacteria, ice, light and rock and “their transitory and transformative qualities, in order to question our temporal, vital and spatial boundaries”.

Combined, these research-based practices explore hybridity across fields and interests including time, sound, Metamodernism, geology, ecology and how humans interact with their environment.

See the FB event page for more details.**

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David Blandy + Natalia Skobeeva @ RCA Dyson Gallery, May 11 – 23

9 May 2016

Artists Natalia Skobeeva and David Blandy will show three new videos in joint exhibit, Oracles of Humankind at London’s RCA Dyson Gallery, opening May 11 and running to May 23.

Oracles of Humankind is the final show in the current series, ‘Rise Up & Envision’ held in Dyson Gallery, and will be presented by curatorial platform, A- – -Z, who recently organised the premiere of Evan Ifekoya‘s video ‘Okun Song‘, which runs in an exhibition until May 31.

According to the press release, Blandy’s ‘Hercules: Rough Cut’ (2015) is a four screen installation that layers archival political imagery with “pulsing poetic rap (that) narrates an alternative history of the City of London”, taking heed from “language, style and cadence of Roman declamations, Thomas More, Samuel Johnson, William Blake, 1950s Beat poets and contemporary street talk”.

Skobeeva will present both ‘The Horrors of Archiving’ (2015) and ‘Lewis Carroll meets Godzilla’ (2016), the latter of which also takes and constructs content from across a vast timeline including “quotes from St Augustine, Hussels, Lewis Carroll, contemporary theatre productions, songs and conversations”. Apparently “the work needs to be watched at least 50 times”.

See the RCA Dyson Gallery website for more details.**

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, 'Finding Fanon Part Two' (2016) film still. Courtesy the artists.
Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, ‘Finding Fanon Part Two’ (2016) film still. Courtesy the artists.


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