Disturbance Ecology

Carson Fisk-Vittori @ Mon Chéri, March 9 – April 15

8 March 2016

Carson Fisk-Vittori is presenting solo exhibition Disturbance Ecology at Brussels’ Mon Chéri, opening March 9 and running April 15.

The accompanying text sits something like a text edit box on a desktop where you might write to yourself about current thoughts on what you are doing, thinking or making -although it is kind of aware and not entirely diaristic. The text’s atmosphere is quite rare and goes someway to slot into what the press release proper tells about Fisk-Vittori’s work: that it “employs devices through which we experience and manipulate our environment, and analyzes our attempts to commodify the natural world”.

What the New York-based artist is going through is what ingredients are used to repel animals: deer, spiders, snakes, mosquitos, flies, as well as describing images they have seen of people hand-pollinating plants using tools like soft brushes or tufts of dog hair.

Then there is a strange ending, a statement in two parts, a relationship between someone growing saffron and plants being sick: “Saffron is actually a type of pollen from the crocus flower. Weird.”

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Carson Fisk-Vittori. Image courtesy the artist.
Carson Fisk-Vittori. Image courtesy the artist.


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