Dirk Paesmans

JODI @ ICA, Jan 27

25 January 2016

Artist duo Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans, aka, JODI are giving a talk at London’s ICA in response to the question: Artists, what is your value? on January 27.

The talk with JODI, who pioneered the ‘net.art’ movement in the 90s and made artworks and games with the aesthetic produced by incorrect code, comes at a time of recent reflection on early media art and artists for whom the internet provided entirely the space for their work.

Artists, what is your value? Is an ongoing programme held at the ICA which looks as a series to examine performance, presentation and self-worth. JODI’s relationship to the disruption of code and language should create an interesting light in which to understand the means of presentation.

See the ICA’s event page for details.**

JODI, image from iPhone app: ZYX (2012), courtesy JODI
JODI, image from iPhone app: ‘ZYX’ (2012). Courtesy JODI.
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IBN – BLUE CLOUD  / 1991 @ The Composing Rooms, Aug 23

22 August 2014

The Composing Rooms returns with IBN – BLUE CLOUD / 1991, a composite talk, screening and book launch on August 23 at 7pm.

While a video recording of BLUE CLOUD – a ’91 live broadcast performance by Dirk Paesmans of clouds floating listlessly through the sky accompanied by a bulletin board system – screens in the background, a simultaneous panel discussion will take place on the concept of net art.

Speakers include Karen Archey, curator of the Art Post-Internet group exhibition at UCCA, Paesmans of the JODI two-man video and WWW art collective, Berlin-based artist Niko Princen, as well as the technology writer + artist Renee Carmichael.

Concurrent with the screening and panel discussion is the launch of BlueCloud – Live Transmission, a hard-back 160-page book created by Paesmans and published by THISISAMAGAZINE, and consisting of a collection of screen images of cryptic WWW language set against the backdrop of swirling blue clouds taken from the BLUE CLOUD broadcast.

See The Composing Rooms event page for details. **


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JODI @ Whitney Museum, Mar 5 –

5 March 2014

Net art duo Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans of JODI, present ‘goodmorning goodnight’ at New York’s Whitney Museum, March 5.

As part of new media curator Christiane Paul‘s SUNRISE/SUNSET series, they explore the visual and textual representations of the daily cycle in the online environment, to mark the opening and closing of the day in New York.

The pair use location-specific images of sunsets and sunrises from areas surrounding the museum, culled from photo sharing website Panoramio and following the path of the sun as it sets and rises, thereby collapsing “user-generated and media representations of time and space into a single view of Manhattan seen through a browser window”.

See the Whitney Museum website for details. **

JODI, Screenshot of 'goodmorning goodnight' at sunset
JODI, Screenshot of ‘goodmorning goodnight’ at sunset

Header Image: JODI, screenshot of ‘goodmorning goodnight’ at sunrise

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