Diamond Version

#C2C13 running Nov 7 -10

5 November 2013

Coinciding with International art fair ARTissima and Luci D’Artista, Italian music festival #C2C13 in Torino is running again this year, from November 7 to 10. Under the theme ‘TWINS’, in reference to the other cities holding their own, including Istanbul, Milan and London (that would make them quadruplets, right?), and the possibilities for fostering genuine relationships with the artists from said regions, the festival will be showing 35 international artists over four days and four nights, throughout the city.

Our picks include a strong cast of UK talent including Four Tet,  Factory Floor, Forest Swords and The Haxan Cloak, as well as shock artist cum musician Dinos Chapman, RVNG Intl PhD candidate and frequent Reza Negarastani collaborator Holly Herndon, as well as German/Japanese trio Diamond Version.

See the Alfa Mito Club 2 Club website for more details. **

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Science For A Better Life

12 November 2012

If they can guarantee a free and clinically tested pill that clearly works without secondary effects… then we will buy. The best thing is that Byetone and Alva Noto’s new 12″s is already commercially available for everyone to buy and from what our first previews… it works!

Late September saw the release of Carsten & Olaf’s (aka Diamond Version) first of five 12″ Eps:   Technology At The Speed Of Life / Empowering Change, a collaboration between mute & raster-noton. At that time we learned that the experimental duo would be releasing 5 eps that would culminate in an album next year (the bundle of all 5 is set to be released March 2013).

Now we get this clip to announce the arrival of their also miraculously efficient second ep by the end of the month, which shall once again include those overused marketing slogans and transform them into their synthetic dancefloor equivalents, hoping kids and adolescents will internalize these messages way before they hear them on their local mall.

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