New EP from Total Control side project.

Lace Curtain's James Vinciguerra. Photo by Zephyr Pavey.
28 February 2013

If there’s a band that’s good in Australia, chances are they’re associated with Mikey Young. Because if he isn’t recording Fabulous Diamonds and  UV Race, it’s projects like the elemental garage rock of Eddy Current Suppression Ring or synth-punk of Total Control that can credit him as the main brains behind them. Now, Young, band mate James Vinciguerra and Rat Columns front man Dave West are branching off further into the doomsday electronics, circa the brilliantly primitive TC single ‘Paranoid Video‘, christening their new outfit Lace Curtain and dropping a self-titled EP on New York label DFA, March 5.

Incidentally, we interviewed Young last year during Total Control’s US / European tour in the lead up to their ATP performance, where he said that Total Control tried to make their 2012 record Henge Beat as cohesive as possible: “I always knew there would be an element that couldn’t deal with the new wave-y drum machine stuff.” Evidently, this time it doesn’t matter and Lace Curtain are proving to be a band to watch in 2013.**

Lace Curtain's self-titled EP cover.
Lace Curtain’s self-titled EP cover.

Header image by Zephyr Pavey.

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Endless love

5 September 2011

Herewith, the question once again arises: what is music for? Is it the lofty high art concept propagated by such enlightened publications as The Wire? The hipster-ish dilettantism of art-as-fashion-statement via Vice? Or is it alternative music’s long awaited release from the confines of too much thinking, not enough loving?

The Rapture was arguably the band to destroy the shackles of 90s slackerdom, which still had its hold on alternative music with its groove of the ‘Standing Still’ in the early millennium. At the vanguard of the newly united front of dance and rock music, the New York four-yet-to-be-three piece was heralded by the not yet dishonorable Pitchfork as the band of the future, declaring their album debut Echoes as their number one for 2003. Anyone who followed James Van Der Beek in to the Bret Easton Ellis film adaptation The Rules Of Attraction would likely never have missed Matty Safer’s frenetic bass lines from the instant hit of ‘Out of the Races and On To the Tracks’. Nudging toward the rise of The Strokes garage revivalism and a renewed contemporary interest in Gang of Four, that track, plus the opening of Echoes’ ‘House of Jealous Lovers’, would ambush those still unprepared for their synth-guitar fusion into a full-blown embrace of an electronic exploration that was way ahead of its time. Continue reading Endless love

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The Breaks

13 May 2011

Ahhhhh Good old Janine Rostron is back with her amazing arty sounds. 5 years we’ve had to wait for her second LP (obviating last year’s “Tomorrow in a year” collaboration with The Knife & Mt. Sims). But here are a couple of singles from her upcoming “W” (now with DFA supporting her).

The album comes out next Tuesday and promises to be a “powerful soul odyssey that ravishes the listener” 12 tracks she’s been working on for the past three and half years in her Berlin studio. Singing and playing all the instruments on the album with the exception of contributions from Pat Mahony and Hjörleifur Jónsson.

Planningtorock – The Breaks by DFA Records

The record was then mixed in Sweden in 2010 during a session with Christoffer Berg. Next week Planningtorock is presenting her album across the UK & Germany, so if you have time (and there’s tickets left) then get a good electro dose from the Bolton genius. She’s in parallel working with NYC’s CREEP on some of their latest collaborative remixes… we’re anxious for the new PTR Show!

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Dystopia (The earth is on fire)

27 March 2011

The Earth is on fire, and honestly, we couldn’t give more sh*t, just like Jona Bechtolt & Claire L. Evans (a.k.a Yacht). The Portland duo are polishing their upcoming summer album which we hope will be as refreshing and spasmodic as their previous mystery lights.

New album and a lot of commercial back-up from the DFA guys who’ll be trying to catapult the band throughout the whole summer festival list (and this time no need to be support of LCD or anyone else).

Dystopia (free to download here below or on their page) is the second song of  “Shangri-La” and the first they share with us. Written nearly a year ago (May 2010) Claire and Jona got quite affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and after reading some post-apocalyptic sci-fi… and honestly with all the recent events it certainly fits in.

“Shangri-La” will be their second album for DFA Records, and fifth for the world. “Shangri-La” was produced, mixed, recorded, and performed by Jona & Claire as well as their frequent collaborator and touring member Bobby Birdman, at the Marfa Recording Company, Jackpot! Studios (and in their temporary living quarters in L.A.).

“Shangri-La” Tracklist:
01 Utopia
02 Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)
03 I Walked Alone
04 Love in the Dark
05 One Step
06 Holy Roller
07 Beam Me Up
08 Paradise Engineering
09 Tripped & Fell in Love
10 Shangri-La

Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire) by RADIO YACHT

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Tuff Enuff

13 September 2010

It’s quite very bizarre that “indie” labels such as Warp or DFA miss the opportunity to launch a good hit when the appropriate time, resources & artist’s willingness have arrived. But for once, we have our doubts….

Continue reading Tuff Enuff

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