Daniel Barnes

The end of England

8 November 2012

Contemporary alchemist and garbage collector Richard Stone opens a mini-mini show tonight @ Galleries Goldstein on the end of things as we know them, the end of myths, reality… even prophecies?

“The end of England”, an exhibition curated (and partially inspired) by Daniel Barnes is conceived as an installation of previous works by Richard Stone and a series of paintings that aim to deconstruct the English landscape.

His lost & re-built melted pieces masked with wax may be willing to hide from the rest of the semi-apocalyptic exhibition… and we can’t blame them; the voracious (and ambitious) storm presented tonight will try and to consume all there is, mixing fantasy and reality… but us humans love to cross this fine line constantly, don’t we?

Richard Stone - The magpie
Richard Stone – The magpie

More info on the vernissage & expo this way.

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