Cunny Poem Vol. 1

Cunny Poem Vol. 1 Launch @ Issue Project Room, Jul 2

30 June 2014

Rhizome is hosting the book launch of Cunny Poem Vol. 1 in an event titled Internet as Poetry and taking place at Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room on July 2.

The over 200-page cloth-bound book features the poetry of Bunny Rogers –collected from her cunny4 tumblr, on which she started posting her poems about addiction, desire, and being a woman at the close of 2011 –as well as the artwork of Brigid Mason.

The event will also feature artist Kevin Bewersdorf, who, after managing the popular website Maximum Sorrow that explored his “philosophy of corporate spiritualism” has taken all of his textual and visual content offline, changed his name to Kev, and launched a new website that features only the online flicker of a flame, inspired by his Taoist practice.

The event will feature Kev’s first public reading of his poetry, as well as a presentation by Bunny and Brigid that will include music, poetry and sculpture.

See the Issue Project Room event page for details. **


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