Cuaderno Blackie Books

Blackie Books Cuaderno

28 August 2012

Rather than publishing books for kids that can be read by adults… we need more adult-only content these days, and even though it was released a couple of months ago, we just got to know Blackie Books’ activity book for adults.

CuadernoBB N1 Cover
CuadernoBB N1 Cover

When we were kids there were the Santillana activity books for Spanish kids, now there’s this “Cuaderno”  created by  Daniel López Valle (text) & Cristóbal Fortúnez  (illustrations) from the Barcelona-based firm Blackie Books with a defined indie style ala Le Believer, 100 pages filled with crosswords, riddles and an endless list of cultural (mainly pop) challenges…   which Institute Marty McFly attended to? how many women has Charlie Sheen slept with? What could he have done with all that time? Can you make a fire out of a potato?

CuadernoBB - Music puzzle
CuadernoBB – Music puzzle

All in all over 150 problems & questions to solve … and hundreds of celebrities mixed in mashed in this new adventure… only for adults. Unfortunately this original initiative, born from the success of their previous project “End of the world agenda” is Spanish-only for now and we’ll have to wait until 2013 to see the release of the next number. 12€ and can be bought this way.

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