Creative Machine

Creative Machine @ Goldsmiths, Nov 6 – 14

3 November 2014

Goldsmiths University is putting on the Creative Machine group show this month, taking place at the university’s gallery and running from November 6 to November 14.

The group show, which brings 22 different artists and art collectives for a major exhibition exploring “the twilight world of human/machine creativity” and comprised of a multitude of media, including video and computer art, installations, AI and robotics, as well as apps created by leading artists form the university and international artists invited to participate.

Preceding the exhibition’s opening night, which begins at 6pm, Goldsmiths University is also hosting The Human Interactive Conference, running throughout the day on November 6 and featuring a host of academic speakers and industry leaders discussing computer games, robotics, neuroscience, bioinformatics and computer art, among other topics.

See the Creative Machine website for details. **


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