Martha Mysko @ COOP, Jun 4 – 25

6 June 2016

New York-based artist Martha Mysko is presenting solo show, Blue Tiers curated by Good Weather and hosted at COOP, running June 4 to 25.

Mysko will make an installation that is formed through and around a group show with several artists, including Tony Hope, Talon Gustafson and Alika Cooper, to mirror and continue the tiered effect already offered via the exchange between the two gallery or curatorial spaces, based in Arkansas and Nashville respectively.

The press release takes lyrics from the song ‘Blue Tears’ and then underneath cites a short list of names: Dolly Parton, who sung the song in 1971, Greg Fullerson, whose band was called Blue Tears, and TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez.

Mysko who works mainly with installation and publications, arranging evocative imagery that often alludes to domestic space, has shown in Sadie Halles Projects and with Good Weather at LA’s Printed Matter book fair.

See the COOP website for more details.**

Martha Mysko, 'Dead Air, Pink Noise' (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist
Martha Mysko, ‘Dead Air, Pink Noise’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist.


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